1. Tenpin

    TTNET Alternatives

    Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives to TTNET? The reason for asking is that we called them out to a fault recently (line dropping and reconnecting hourly) which they diagnosed as our lines only supporting 8mbps. Strange as our line had worked perfectly at 16mbps for the...
  2. mamish

    Internet alternatives Koycegiz

    We changed to koycegiznet 3 weeks ago and are finding it difficult to get a good connection. We've spent 4 days without being able to connect at all and the rest of the time, particularly evening, with a speed so slow (less than 1mbps at times) that it's not worth using! And it's impossible...
  3. giglets

    New Alternatives?

    A major development called the Gezi protests took place in this country. It is obvious that we are witnessing something new despite repeated arguments that nothing would come out of it and that it was a coup attempt by the Ergenekon terrorist band. Even if nothing happens in the future, there...
  4. Martyn

    What are the alternatives to Labour & Tories

    I was listening to the UKIP leader on the radio and also Lib Dem Nick Clegg on TV. Both of these parties have been picking up support in the wake of the expenses fiasco although they may have some snouts in the trough themselves. Does anyone have some positives and negatives about both parties...
  5. turkishknashers

    alternatives to 0870

    my friend gave me this website you type in premium number 0870,0871 etc or company name and it gives you the cheaper number to call and usually much quicker than going through all the normal queing rigmarole.
  6. Mushtaq

    Alternatives to Turkey

    Winter holiday season is upon us and some people asked me about holidays cheap holidays, I was wondering what other destinations are there? What are other destinations you have holidayed in and enjoyed it, and would recommend someone looking to try for a change? Any stories to share about...
  7. immac

    Alternatives to Flying

    If you don't want to fly back and for to Turkey, what are the alternatives, how long do they take, and how much do they cost? Ian
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