1. bickern

    Teamviewer alternative

    Won't be of big interest to a lot of folk but Teamviewer has been hitting those using it, even to help friends and family with a message it thinks you are using it commercially, then gives you one minute and cuts you off. The programming team forked off a while ago and brought out a better...
  2. bickern

    Free browsec VPN alternative

    Not used myself because I have a paid one but... Members are welcome to try it and report back if it is any good.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Alternative to owing in Turkey. Marigold Hotel

    Last weekend I was shown around a new building about 60km from from where I live. It is being built by a reputable local company (They built our villa 15 years ago, and have gone from strength to strength). The builders are undecided about exactly how to use it and are considering opening to to...
  4. Struggs

    Alternative to Adblockplus

    Please can anyone recommend an alternative to Adblockplus, that will work with Windows 10 Edge, before I lose my sanity. Working OK upto Sat. stopped working, started working again Sun. but stopped Mon. afternoon, so uninstalled and did a new download, was working again. Mon. night not working...
  5. S

    Anxiety cures in alternative medicine?

    I suffer from very bad anxiety......what cures are there in alternative medicine for anxiety?
  6. H

    Alternative routes from UK to Izmir

    Hi there, I have flown from Stansted to Izmir (via Instanbul) twice in the past, and during all four transfers at Istanbul I have encountered issues due to late plane and massive queues at passport control. The last time coming back I literally had to run like a mad man because my plane was...
  7. mollag

    Alternative to Turkey.

    Turkey has monopolised our time and efforts for the past ten odd years so, now we are just "visa visitors" to Turkey, we have started looking elsewhere for places to visit, not I must say, to live. Krakow, Poland has slid into the frame and im wondering has anyone any experience of visiting...
  8. T

    Alternative Contexts of MIŞ

    In some contexts the "mIş " has function that is "Surprise !" Aaa Zeynep gelmiş ! ---> Ah look Zeyneb is here too ! . [ Look ! Zeyneb also came ! ] Aaa kim gelmiş ! --> Hey who is here ! Aaa bak , baklava da varmış ! --> Ah look we have also baklava ! [ Look ! there is also baklava !] Aman...
  9. J

    Alternative energy source

    BBC News - World's first lagoon power plants unveiled in UK Not being a very good economist I'd be interested to know other's ( energy economists) views on this.
  10. bickern

    Free NetFlix alternative - Movies and Series

    Watch movies instantly on Android or PC. Popcorn Time is an open source Netflix-style torrent streaming application for Linux, Windows and Mac. The application allows users to stream movies (with subtitles) and TV series at no cost. Popcorn Time can't exactly be considered illegal in most...
  11. S

    Popular alternative to Turkey
  12. D

    Alternative to Calgon

    I know that the water in Turkey is riddled with limescale, hence why at the moment I use Calgon in every wash. Back in Blighty I wouldn't dream of using the stuff. I usually use soda crystals which has worked perfectly for years, but is there such in Turkey? I feel sure there is. I was pondering...
  13. P

    Alternative ip address?

    A friend of mine has subscribed to Netflix – UK but also subscribed to this web site: (sorry could not post a link as I have not yet made 15 posts) This company, for a small fee offers you the facility to make it appear that you have an ip address in a different country from the...
  14. superpp

    Great free VPN alternative

    New and free website unblocker now available: Hola Better Internet Works very well and can also speed up connections using it's P2P technology. BBC, ITV and Ch4 iplayers covered and also lets you into the US equivalents.
  15. C

    alternative national anthem

    Now that we are in the 21st century, i think it may be about time to update the national anthem. the old anthem is slow, has been hijacked by other countries and you cant dance to it. i propose THE OKAY DOKAY just imagine the faces of jonny foreigner as they see the brits up cheering and...
  16. Y

    Avoid Dolphin Pension Bozburun & can anyone recommend an alternative?

    This time last year I was looking forward to a much needed holiday. Back in February I had booked a room for a week at the Dolphin Pansiyon, Bozburun on the Marmaris Peninsula. They had asked for 2 nights payment as a deposit. I'd transferred the money and they had confirmed they had received...
  17. newhorizon

    New Turkish start up: Salamworld [Alternative to Facebook]

    Wasn't sure where to add this News..under Geeky things? Islam? or News or Views? Decided to add it here under Turkish this new social network that launches later this year believe or not is an Istanbul start-up but with big investors from Russia. Muslim social networking site set to...
  18. ZiaCa'

    Debate on medicines, scientific studies, alternative cures

    Re the aspartame issue, I think it is well known, regardless of what the aspartame-attacking sites say, that formaldehyde is toxic. Over the past few years, I believe that dietary issues have surpassed smoking as a main cause of cancer. Possibly due to poor choices of foods, possibly because of...
  19. T

    The Alternative to Ephesus

    So, you’ve done Ephesus (maybe a couple of times) and you’re looking for something to take its place. If you live close enough – egg in the Kusadasi/Altinkum area, then the three historical sites that are worth considering as alternatives, either singly or as a package, they are the Temple of...
  20. tinkycarol

    Alternative to the Million shop needed now!

    Hi, can anyone recommend an alternative to the Million Shop please? Just had a ding dong with the dark haired woman over a broom handle that bent in two and the tight cow won't exchange it! I spent 20tl there on Friday night on cleaning bits - mop, squeegey thing on a pole and a brush etc. On...
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