1. V

    Burglary in Altınkum

    Last night I had the head of the police department of Didim and the head of the Army units here in my hotel for dinner as my guests. At some point I had to raise this issue with them. I asked the head of the police is there enough police to patrol Didim because there are so many breaks in...
  2. Trevor

    need a long term rent ın altınkum

    hello all, well we are stayıng ın our frıends house for the wınter and we now need to look for a place to rent long term - our detaıls are: 2 or 3 bedrooms, not bothered about separate kıtchen, unfurnıshed, no sıtesı, no complex, not bothered about a pool. would lıke to be eıther sıde of the...
  3. shirleyanntr

    arrested in Altınkum

    i read today in an online uk paper that about 9 brits were arrested on Friday for playing bingo in the Pyramid Bar.?
  4. gordion

    Altinkum Airport Service £7.5 bodrum airport to Altınkum or Akbuk

    hı to all members from or to bodrum airport to Altınkum or Akbuk.this price only for members of Turkish Living forum and still the best service with best minibuses. and have a free cold and hot drink on the minibuses. 1-2 people £ 7.5 pounds per person oneway on the shuttle bus and add...
  5. shazyboy

    road between the 2nd beach and the Altınkum beach in red cobblestones.

    The Council will pave the road between the 2nd beach and the Altınkum beach in red cobblestones. Mayor Mümin Kamacı, together with the Landscaping Chief Güven Öztezel, informed the public about the renovation of the road between 2nd beach and Altınkum beach. British residents also attended the...
  6. S

    Awful Altınkum

    Hı, I'm new here but have lıved on and off ın Turkey (Ovacık) for two and a half years. I also lıve ın London. Durıng my tıme ın Turkey I have vısıted lots of places: Istanbul, Soke, Kusadası, Altınkum, Akbuk, Bodrum, Icmeler, Marmarıs, Fethıye, Hısaronu, Oludenız, Calıs, Uzumlu, Patara...
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