1. shirleyanntr

    alo 179 complaints number

    alo 179 started off as a free call centre for tourists and extended to take in a range of complaints by tourists and expats you can use this line to complain about problems when property buying dual pricing poor services noise rubbish bad neighbours etc the detailed info is in this link Alo...
  2. J

    Alo phone card post office

    We have problems getting the Alo card, we are staying for 6 months so very handy to use as cheaper. We are always told they dont have them at post office by the staff but when we ask our friends who are residents to get it for us on the same day / hour they have no problem at all ??? This has...
  3. S


    Hi there, Ahh another Forum where I can lend pearls of wisdom to....well.. annoy people with useless information more like. I'm Steve and I'm sitting here in Brum dreaming of Mugla when I'm supposed to be working, I'm sure that sounds familiar to a lot of people. I have a little place in...
  4. merlin

    Alo Tapu.... (Telephone Tapu Enquiries)

    Turkey has an official website for issuing of Tapu/House Deeds where you can make enquiries in respect of your purchase. This site may be in Turkish but its pretty straightforward to navigate..... Turkey Official Tapu Website Maybe a petition is in order for them to offer a English...
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