1. S

    almak = to take, to get, to buy....

    This is one on the verb "almak" Nice easy verb you would think, well personally I don't think so, because it is that simple and that short that you hardly ever recognize it Just as in English, it is used for several things , it can mean : to take, to get, to receive, to buy some examples -...
  2. shirleyanntr

    todays word is vermak and almak

    todays word is vermek and almak todays word is vermek and almak its a two for one bargain day. vermek means to give..and almak means to take. These are basic 'must know' words to add to your arsenal. i'm sure you already know them in combination..Alışveriş..the word for shopping comes from a...
  3. S

    Vermeden almak allaha mahsustur

    What about this sentence ? Apart from Allah I don't have a clue what this might mean..... vermeden could come from vermek (to give)...but vermeden ??? almak means to take .... to Allah mahsus means deliberate... it's not very important, it just puzzles me (especially the vermeden-part)
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