1. N

    Computers not allowed in hand luggage ?

    Just before we landed in Izmir two weeks ago the air hostess on our Thomas Cook flight announced that on our return journey to the UK 23/6/18 no computers would be allowed in the hand luggage and should be placed in the hold luggage. . As we only have hand luggage , we have a villa over here ...
  2. K

    Are dogs allowed in apartments.

    Can anybody tell me if dogs are allowed in apartments or is their a blanket ban.. We have Staffordshire bull terrier who is a very quiet dog and does not bark at all. What are our chances of him being allowed to stay in our apartment in the winter months?
  3. ted j

    Russians now allowed at olympics

    Not all of them granted, but it just shows how fixed and rigged sports are Nothing has changed much from Saturday afternoon wrestling with Jackie Pallow ......pathetic , glad I don't watch any sport
  4. H

    Is Import of Used Car Engine Allowed in Turkey?

    Hi I exporter of used car part in Germany and I ship worldwide. But not sure for Turkey. I am sending to Norht Cyprus in regular base without any problem, but when I contacted the shipping company in Germany, they says all ok as import of used cars are not allowed but car parts are fine, but the...
  5. juco

    Grandparents allowed parental leave!

    Anyone got further info on this, sounds good on the surface but wondering what the downside will be. Link: Working grandparents to share parental leave and pay - BBC News
  6. Mushtaq

    How could this be allowed to happen?

    A two-month-old baby who had been living in a car with his homeless parents, has died. Tiny Donald’s family was unable to find a home in the Bournemouth area, the Bournemouth Daily Echo reports. Claire Matthews, who runs the Hope for Food soup kitchen in the town, said his parents were...
  7. suzyq

    Japan Allowed to Fight Overseas

    Japan's parliament has voted to allow the military to fight overseas for the first time since the end of World War Two 70 years ago. A vote on the constitutional amendment was delayed for several hours as the opposition tried to stop the measure coming into law. Outside, demonstrators rallied...
  8. bickern

    3 million tents, but not a single refugee allowed

    Only 8 km from Mecca in Saudi Arabia, this giant tent camp is located. It can accommodate 3,000,000 (3 million) people, but not a single refugee is allowed. It has tents with air condition and all tents are fire proof. It is used once a year, during the "mass visit" of Muslims for the...
  9. HelenSnowball

    Am I still allowed....

    You might have noticed from my signature that I no longer work for Asem. I live in the UK, have no plans to visit Turkey, so am I banished from the forum or am I still allowed to visit and occasionally post and annoy people?
  10. E

    Metal detector allowed in Turkey?

    To make my walks on the beach in the offseason a little more interesting, I`m thinking about buying a metal detector and using it on the public beaches. Are there any laws against this? I`m not planning to use it in any areas which could be considered historic in any way (I know for sure that...
  11. shirleyanntr

    Tattoos not allowed in İslam

    heres another great article from Burak Bekdil who isnt afraid of poking fun at the ridiculous things the Diyanet ..Director of Religious Affairs ..comes up with Turkey needs to get out from under the throttle hold of the zealots who are trying to drag this country into the dark ages...the latest...
  12. Fuzzy

    How long is a turkish car allowed in the UK ?

    Thanks for the replies for my previous question...the other thing i can't seem to find any answers to is : How long would we be able to drive a Turkish reg new car for on the UK roads ? with British license ....
  13. L

    Foreigners are not allowed to buy property

    Does anyone know when the prohibition ceases for foreigners to buy property on the Bodrum peninsula. Would also know the cause to the ban
  14. R

    Water Tankers - Only Council Allowed

    The water at our site has dried up, and I have been informed the municipality have closed all the wells around the peninsula and banned tankered water. The only place we can buy the water is the municipality itself but there is a huge line of trucks waiting to get water delivered and one of...
  15. suzyq

    Taliban Soldier allowed to stay in UK

    An Afghan Muslim who claims he killed people while fighting for the Taliban has used the Human Rights Act to remain in Britain – despite Government efforts to deport him. Read more: Taliban soldier who killed in battle wins fight to stay in UK - to spare him from persecution by...the Taliban |...
  16. T

    allowed / not allowed in luggage

    Hi I was wondering the other day why some items are not allowed to be taken to another country in your luggage. I realise I am not supposed to take any shampoo, liquids, sharp objects etc etc. One thing I find a bit odd is that I can take for example allowed amount of shampoo or perfume and...
  17. thingthong

    Rental car allowed go to Kos?

    Good Morning All Is it possible to bring a Rental car on the ferry to Kos?for a day trip. I just thought it would be easy and I could drive around the island? Many thanks T.
  18. perfect1949

    should tv cameras be allowed in the courts

    what do you think should they be allowed in the courts , would the accused get a fair hearing . dave
  19. kaplumba

    Men not allowed!

    Here we are girls - Men Are Not Allowed In This Cafe | Sun Express News : Fethiye English Newspaper Think I might take a certain friend there next visit to keep her out of trouble! I note we need to finish the housework before we go though.
  20. bickern

    adverts from the past that would never be allowed today

    They're incredible by today's standards, but once upon a time these adverts were perfectly acceptable. From an ad that claims smoking is healthy to one telling mothers they should give Coca-Cola to their babies, these shocking posters give a fascinating insight into a time gone by. One even...
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