1. Tenpin

    European Parliament mulls allowances for home-working MEPs Most MEPs are working remotely given the pandemic. The European Parliament is debating whether to retain MEP daily allowances, even when they work remotely from home. The daily €323 lump sum is meant to cover things like hotel bills and meals...
  2. C

    Jet2 liquid allowances

    Hi all I have recently booked a trip to the uk but I am only taking hand luggage,I know I am resticted to 10kgs,but I may bring perfume,creams etc back with me,the website says 100mls as long as they are in a clear bag,overall how many mls ? as 1 bottle could be 100mls,don't want to run the...
  3. S

    Thomas Cook (Allowances) Laptop

    Can anyone out there help us, we're flying back with the infamous TC and can't seem to find in any of their literature, if we are allowed a laptop as well as the 5kg hand luggage or does the laptop have to count as your hand luggage these days. any assistance would be appreciated with regard to...
  4. newhorizon

    Emirates new Baggage Allowances for Economy

    for once it's not bad news:) Emirates now allows as standard 30Kg baggage on all Economy flights from 4 May 2009. Plus the usual 7kg hand baggage allowance in economy. Business is now 40kg and 1st 50kg. In Turkey they currently fly to Istanbul.
  5. newhorizon

    Baggage Allowances to and from America

    Why is it that all other countries have the standard 20/23kg allowance in economy to go anywhere in the world yet Americans or when you travel to or from America in economy you are allowed 40KG each (2x 20Kg)?
  6. GnD

    Baggage Allowances

    I did a search for baggage allowances and couldn't find any answers so I'm hoping someone on the board may know. With thomasfly their allowance is 15kg! We have very little to take out with us so cannot believe we can't keep it down to this. That rules out a second pair of shoes! Here's...
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