1. Tenpin

    European Parliament mulls allowances for home-working MEPs Most MEPs are working remotely given the pandemic. The European Parliament is debating whether to retain MEP daily allowances, even when they work remotely from home. The daily €323 lump sum is meant to cover things like hotel bills and meals...
  2. H

    Married couples tax allowance

    This morning when I logged on to TLF an advert' came up with two wedding rings on it supposidly from HMRC saying that husband a wives can share their tax allowance. It would make a great deal of difference to us financially but it seems too good to be true. Anyone know about this please ? Thanks.
  3. teresa

    Customs allowance

    A nice heading, but what I really want to know is what goodies will customs let me bring back with me? If I cross to southern Cyprus and then back to Northern Cyprus and then back into Antalya can I happily shop to my heart's content or do I need to be careful - are they strict? I am only...
  4. immac

    Ex-pats to Lose Tax Allowance

    From Telegraph: "Expats who rent out their homes in Britain will be stripped of the right to use the personal allowance, under a tax raid prepared by George Osborne. Britons could be forced to return from retirements overseas if the Chancellor presses ahead with plans to force non-residents...
  5. C

    Thomas cook baggage allowance

    Hi all. I was thinking of booking a flight back to the UK for a week from bodrum,on the Thomas cook website it says 15kgs hold baggage,that is enough for me,I was just wondering is there a fee for this whilst booking the ticket on line ? I didn't want to go through the process of booking my...
  6. Kalkan regular

    This years tax allowance

    Could anyone tell me how much you can earn this year tax free. Thanks
  7. P

    Baggage allowance with Turkish airlines.

    I have just booked to go to Izmir,economy and was quite surprised at the generous 23 Kilo allowance and 8 Kilo cabin allowance.I hope others follow suit,well done.
  8. T

    UK - Winter fuel allowance.

    I just saw an article on BBC news regarding the Winter fuel allowance. Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the UK has had to ditch rules which previously stated that you needed to qualify for the payment before leaving the UK in order to claim while living abroad. This meant...
  9. L

    Duty Free Allowance back from Turkey

    Can anyone tell me what the duty free allowance is for cigarettes and cigars when we come back to england? Its not very clear on web!
  10. Helenm150

    Splitting Baggage Allowance

    Does anyone know if I can I split a 20kg baggage allowance booked with Fly Thomas Cook between 1 suitcase and a boxed item? Many thanks, Helen

    Winter Fuel Allowance

    Well,for all you ex-pats freezing your nuts off in Turkey or some other "warmer" climates,You will be pleased to know,You WILL get your fuel allowance,So you can now buy some more Brandies or Mulled Wine to keep you warm. Quite Right too, OR ,of course .Some may disagree. Enjoy it, Jeff/Chris...
  12. D

    forgot to put 20kg baggage allowance on tc

    i live in turkey and have just booked my annual pilmigrage to the uk for just over the month-i had to book with tc as 2 single journies but i have forgotten to book the 20kg allowance for the return trip from the uk to turkey--the system keeps telling me to ring an 0871 number at 10p pmin and...
  13. R

    pegasus flight Bodrum -Stansted Allowance

    We are flying back to uk with pegasus Bodrum to Istanbul and then Istanbul to London Stansted. On our tickets it reads 20kg per passenger in checked in luggage and 8kg per person hand luggage. Does anyone out there know if this is correct, someone has said your only allowed 15kg on internal...
  14. culturevulture

    Thy Miles and Smiles baggage allowance and Izmir airport

    I recently got my airline ticket from Thy Airlines, using my Miles and Smiles points. On receipt of my e-ticket, I discovered that the baggage allowance is not the usual 30kgs, but is only 20kgs, as per the rules of the Miles and Smiles issue. I am travelling from Izmir to Dublin via Istanbul...
  15. RustyDalyan

    Pegasus check in times & luggage allowance

    I'm taking my first internal flight from Dalaman to Istanbul with Pegasus. The ticket says 15kg luggage allowance, does anyone know if they include hand luugage in this? There's no indication on the e-ticket. Also, do you need to check in hours in advance (how many?) or just turn up at the...
  16. W

    Sterling allowance

    Hi, If anybody can help, what is the maximum amount of Cash (sterling) one person can bring into turkey from England. Am i right in thinking its £7,000 ( 7k ) per person. & do children have an allowance. Many thanks
  17. C

    Aegean luggage allowance (early bookers)

    Anyone that booked early last year and had the 15kg luggage allowance added free please check that it is actually included on your booking,we contacted them yesterday regarding re issued re issued tickets and was told we didnt have any allowance as we hadnt paid for it,Hubby reminded the lady...
  18. M

    Duty free spirits allowance

    Can anyone confirm exactly what the duty free allowance is for spirits being brought into Turkey? Have googled it but some sites say it's 1 litre & others say it's 5 litres. I know you can buy an extra litre on arrival. Cheers for any help.
  19. T

    Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

    Last year we used THY from Dublin to Bodrum and found out at the airport that we could have taken 30kgs baggage. Anyone know if this is still the case? (no pun intended) The website says 20Kgs but we think it did say the same last year. I can't get anyone to answer the phone in Dublin airport...
  20. Helenm150

    4GB monthly allowance

    I am currently on a package with Turk Telecom that includes a monthly 4GB upload - does anyone have any idea of the additional monthly charge per GB exceeded? Thanks in advance, Helen
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