1. ceemac

    Turkish gun shops go from back alley to mall

    There's an interesting paragraph in this where it states that all Turkish citizens have the right to buy and possess firearms under certain criteria, and foreigners can buy and keep a shotgun just by producing a passport? 'A glitzy gun shop visible from the mall food court would have been a...
  2. Gamuret

    Sarigerme - Mosquito Alley?

    In the current newsletter of Lifestyle and retirement property news - Iain Maitland's Lifestyle Property Alerts Sarigerme is being heavily promoted. I have heard this area, and especially the beach, referred to as "mosquito alley" by a lady who has lived in the area for over 15 years. Is this...
  3. B

    bodrum bowling alley

    Well were going on a trip to bodrum tomorrow have got a private bus and us altinkum lot are going bowling in bodrum then shopping weeeeeee then the metro . So eny you bodrumites no good places to eat and how much is the EFES this is for the men lol eny body been to the bowling alley ? :36...
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