1. Kalkan regular

    allergy problem?

    Both this year and last year on my visits to Turkey at the end of April, beginning of May I have had very red itchy eyes which I assume to be allergic conjunctivitis (last year also inside ears was itchy). It doesn't happen any other time of year and disappears whithin 24 hours when I get back...
  2. K

    latex allergy

    Hello everyone I wonder if anyone can help. My family and I love Turkey but have been unable to travel to Turkey because our son is type 1 allergic to latex we have emailed numerous hospitals but had no reply so a friend recommended that i place a post on this forum. Hope you can help as...
  3. R

    Medical question - wheat allergy

    I have a friend who is coming to Turkey on holiday but she has a wheat allergy. I have tried to find the Turkish language expression for: 'Gluten Free' so that she can eat safely, but I've had no luck so far. Can anyone help please?
  4. Lisalou

    Nut Allergy

    Hi there My family and I are going to Turkey in the middle of June, my 10 year old son has a nut allergy, I was just wondering if anyone else had been in the same situation and could give me any advice, thanks. Lisalou
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