1. Mojive


    Have a great day Alison :438qr: :cheer2::cheer2:HAPPY BIRTHDAY:cheer2::cheer2: :474cu: :Flower:hope you get spoilt lots :Flower: :pressie: Mo :blowkiss::blowkiss:
  2. Mojive


    :cheer2::cheer2:HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON:cheer2::cheer2: :yipee:Hope you have a wonderful day:3: :474cu::pressie::474cu: Mo :blowkiss:
  3. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Alison A89

    :cheer2:Happy Birthday Alison Hope you have a Lovely Day:party::cheer2: :474cu: Mo xx
  4. thingthong

    Where's Alison?

    Anyone heard from Alison ,the wee Belfast girl who lives in Kusadasi? T.:37:
  5. Mojive

    Alison09400 Happy Birthday!

    Have a lovely day Alison...Happy Birthday :party: :474cu: Mo xx
  6. Yalides

    Happy birthday Alison.

    Have a great day Alison 09400.
  7. ted j

    Happy Birthday Alison 09400

    Happy birthday Alison 09400 and everyone else celebrating today. Hope you have a good day. Ted
  8. Alan Fidler

    Happy Birthday Alison 09400

    :474cu: Wishing you a Happy Birthday Alison... have wonderful day, and great party tonight.... thanks for the F/B invite but i don't think i would have made :blowkiss::blowkiss:
  9. G

    Alison, I'm Sorry

    I owe Alison an apology. Somewhere on this forum (can't find the thread) I intimated that she was an Emlak and I was wrong. I have already apologised privately to Alison but I think that, in fairness, I should also apologise publicly. Mea culpa, Alison. Maria.
  10. mavi

    happy birthday to Alison..

  11. A

    Hello from Alison

    Hello just thought i'd say hello, never been on a forum before so just trying it out:)
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