1. Tenpin

    Muhammad Ali and Black Lives Matter

    Muhammad Ali’s son says dad would have hated ‘racist’ Black Lives Matter Extract: On the fourth anniversary of his death, Muhammad Ali’s only biological son says that his father would be against Black...
  2. D

    Ali and Cem, Facing post-impressionism in building.

    Ali and Cem, Facing post-impressionism in building. | The Old Groaner That brings me onto the subject of the most common English cuss-words, the lingua franca of the construction world. Of course our lads soon learned them and used them with relish. If you drive hereabouts and, following a spat...
  3. P

    Happy Birthday Ali Ismail

    there is a big party in heaven today. Happy 20th Birthday Ali Ismail Korkmaz

    Ali Aktimur in Didim,

    can anyone give me reccomendations (good or bad !!) regarding the above solicitor , especially regarding habitation and maintenance issues ,
  5. D

    Seating area outside Ali's Place - Dalaman Centre

    Me and Ali just wanted to apologise to anyone that came to the bar at the end of last week and found that our tables and chairs which are normally outside were not there!! We were told to remove them (as were all the restaurants/bars in that road). But we are happy to say that after lots of...
  6. A89

    Ali and Ramazan

    Just read this delightful story about two boys that grew up in an Istanbul orphange. Its a really lovely story about the relationship that develops between them. Ali and Ramazan: Perihan Magden, Ruth Whitehouse: Books Alison
  7. H

    ali baba in Yalikavak

    Please could you tell me the directions to Ali Baba and Dede restaurants, we are there at the moment and can never find them
  8. 7

    Ali baba hotel

    Can you tell me if the ali baba hotel is open this year have tried to book for june but no reply .would like their e mail address please |||
  9. A

    Ali Durmus Vet

    I have lived here for 5 years and the only vet I will use is Ali Durmus....I feel as I need to post this and get it off my chest as he seems to be getting a little bad press lately.......and I am a usually very good judge of character. First of all my dog that was brought from the UK has been...
  10. bobthenob

    Ali and Sally

    There was once a man called Ali.That fell for an English woman called Sally. Ali blew a kiss and off they flew in bliss to a land that hands money out on a dish. You are the love of my life, you are the moon and the stars said Ali “oooh” you are a romantic said Sally And off they went to the...
  11. SAMIMI

    Tradesman Ali's phone number please!

    Hi, I'm sure many of you in Turgutreis will know Ali. You will see him daily as he cycles his bike to his various jobs. He is a plumber by trade but also does many other jobs such as maintaining swimming pools, gardening ect. His English is very good and he is very helpful. I am looking...
  12. teosgirl

    chemical Ali hanged

    Breaking news on Sky, the cousin of Saddam hussein has been hanged. He was said to be the person responsible for the gas attack on the kurdish population of Iraq several years ago. Iraq: Saddam Hussein's Cousin Hassan Al Majid, Also Known As 'Chemical Ali', Is Executed | World News | Sky News
  13. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Ali Ozen

    Happy Birthday Ali Ozen. Enjoy your special Day. :pressie:
  14. S

    Ali Baba / Mer Can Story

    Friends in Yalikavak have just texted saying they were eating at Ali Baba's - whilst we know that the family have moved to Mer Can Story does anyone know if they have taken the name of Ali Baba with them or has it started up again with different owners but in the old location? Sally :504xn:
  15. H

    Ali Baba Hotel

    Please could anyone tell me if the Ali Baba hotel is still operating? My family and I have stayed there a few years ago, and would like to return this year. I have not seen it advertised at all. Or could someone suggest a hotel that would be good for 2 adults and 2 boys. We have been to Yali...
  16. B

    Ali Bahcetepe/Folk Dancing

    Ali Did anyone see this guy breaking the concrete blocks in Datca last weekend. I believe he was trying to break the world record. My Turkish is not very good so does anyone know if he did break what I believe was his own record. Regardless of whether he did or didn't it was seriously...
  17. Susan

    For Ali

    Ali, This is why E = MC2 is put on most of Albert Einstein posters. Nuclear Innovations Inventor and innovations surrounding nuclear physics. E = MC2 Albert Einstein developed a theory about the relationship of mass and energy. The formula, E=mc[2], is probably the most famous outcome from...
  18. T

    Hi, My name is ALI

    Hi, My name is ALI. A few months ago I was thin, covered in Ticks, Lice and Fleas. I did not know what a good meal looked like. I was lucky in that my final exhausted stop was outside the house of an English veterinary surgeon who spends the summer months in Turkey. Soon my fleas, ticks...
  19. shirleyanntr

    please read Ali's story

    a couple of years ago i was using the forum on seslisozluk and came in contact with a young man called Ali. he is quadriplegic and lives with his mother in Gaziantep. His english is first class and he likes letters and appreciates contact from outside the walls of his bedroom. He had an accident...
  20. L

    cin ali

    here i am again. has any one heard of these childrens books and if they have do they know where they can be purchased in the altinkum area. while talking to my turkish tutor i was saying that we could do with having something to read that is similar to our 'janet and john books' and he...
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