1. F

    Health Warning Bad Alcohol !!!!!!!

    Further to my post on bad raki ! Todays Posta a turkish national news paper . 11 boys on holiday from Adana tourism students went out to celibrate one friends birthday in Gumbet ! That boy is now dead and the other 10 boys are in hospital in a serious condition . Please if you like Raki or Vodka...
  2. Summertime

    Alcohol in Turkey

    I must say I was very surprised the first time I visit Turkey. Turkey is a Muslim country, but they do advertising for Alcohol on TV, and you can buy alcohol in grocery shops. I live in Norway, and here is it not allowed alcohol advertising on TV, we cant buy alcohol in grocery shops, just...
  3. P

    Disaster! Alcohol Restrictions in Turkey

    Disaster! Just went on-line to order our usual supply of wine from Migros in Bodrum - but they have stopped selling alcohol on-line (am asssuming they still sell it in the store!?). Anyone know why? Is it linked to the government's new alcohol restrictions? Turkish government under fire over...
  4. K

    Min price off alcohol

    On the N Ireland news today the health minister has said the local goverment are thinking off putting a min price on alcohol eg 40/70 pence per unit, so what do you all think, For what it's worth I dont think it will work, people will still drink perhaps do with out something else after all it...
  5. B

    Age limit on drinking alcohol.

    Hi, Just found this Sabah English - Every nation has alcohol regulations Now,what will happen to all those tens of thousands of people who come on holiday for a good time in resorts like Marmaris,Didim,Bodrum,Kusadasi and Antalaya etc.? Will they in effect be breaking the law to drink...
  6. I

    limit for alcohol into turkey?

    hi everyone, does anyone know about the alcohol restrictions for bringing spirit back into the country? i wanted to bring with me one 750ml bottle in my suitcase and buy 2 bottles of 1lr from the airport. is this ok or am i likely to have it taken away? x
  7. I

    how much alcohol can i bring back to turkey with me?

    hi everyone, does anyone know about the alcohol restrictions for bringing spirit back into the country? i wanted to bring with me one 750ml bottle in my suitcase and buy 2 bottles of 1lr from the airport. is this ok or am i likely to have it taken away? x
  8. Yalides

    Alcohol prices.

    Another 30% price hike I hear in the new year ?
  9. Mushtaq

    Alcohol Concern calls for end of 'pocket money' alcohol

    A call has made for an end to the "pocket money" price of shop-bought alcohol fuelling under-age drinking. Alcohol Concern Cymru said shop deals mean the weekly recommended alcohol limit for a man can be bought for less than £4 and a woman's for under £3. It backs Welsh Assembly Government...
  10. luckycat68

    Alcohol on 12 th September

    We have been informed that we cannot serve any alcohol on 12th Sept during the referendum -- I wonder just how many restaurants / bars will adhere to this ruling ? And just what will the tourists think about this ? :38:
  11. shirleyanntr

    alcohol becoming a luxury in Turkey

    you must have notice how the price of booze and cigs is going up and up and up over the last few years. This is part of the governments ''Social Engineering' strategy. ..they are not telling people not to drink...they are just making it more and more out of their reach by heavy alcohol taxes...
  12. B

    Prices of alcohol

    Does anyone know the prices for any larger in supermarkets or shops? For example crates of efes or any other lager?
  13. ceemac

    Restaurant Alcohol Ban

    AKP strikes again. 'After nearly two decades of undisturbed alcohol consumption, a high-society fish restaurant on the Asian side of Istanbul, owned by the AKP-run municipality, suddenly decides to stop selling adult beverages. The municipality claims local residents submitted a petition...
  14. KKOB

    Tainted Alcohol Deaths In Kemer, Antalya

    3 German students have died from drinking tainted alcohol in Kemer, near Antakya. Two More German Students Die From Drinking Tainted Alcohol
  15. KKOB

    Tesco's Bans Parents From Buying Alcohol !

    Tesco Bans Parents From Buying Alcohol ! Tesco have banned parents from buying alcohol if they're with a child ! You've got to read it to believe it. It's on the front page
  16. shirleyanntr

    new laws on alcohol and tobacco

    this is from Todays Hurriyet..and shows some of the confusion arising out of the new laws..but it also shows how things will go if the AK Party continue with their agenda. Turkish AKP's new alcohol law raises questions marks The new law to overhaul tobacco and alcoholic beverages usage drew...
  17. immac

    Alcohol Ban in Resorts.

    German daily: AKP alcohol ban idea targets Islamic investment The New Anatolian / Ankara A German newspaper claimed on its Wednesday edition that moves in Turkey to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages are aimed at attracting tourism investment in Turkey from Saudi Arabia and other...
  18. T

    Alcohol ban in Turkey?

    This was sent to me by a friend in New York. He knows I like a drink and that I also have a place in Turkey :36: . Moves to Limit Alcohol Use Intensify Debate in Turkey The government wants to ban drinking in city centers, resorts. Secular critics are wary of an Islamist agenda.By Amberin...
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