1. Travelling Wife

    Turkish Airlines - Alcohol Free?

    Does anyone happen to know whether Turkish Airlines are serving alcohol in Economy class on International Flights, i.e. London Heathrow to Istanbul? Anna
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Alcohol Ban in Turkey Poll

    Following a suggestion on the thread (" Would you still go to Turkey if there was a total ban on Alcohol") to start a poll, here it is.
  3. ZiaCa'

    Controversial Bill on Alcohol is Approved!

    POLITICS - Turkish President Gül approves controversial bill restricting alcohol
  4. Lez Zetli

    New law: Alcohol sales banned after 10pm?

    I hope that this is wrong, but this evening I was told by my local mayor that a new law was introduced yesterday that prohibits alcohol sales in Turkey in shops, restaurants, anywhere after 10pm. I don't believe that I'm getting the whole story; can anyone explain further?
  5. C

    Proposed Restrictions on smoking and Alcohol

    Sabah English
  6. shirleyanntr

    Alcohol versus Ayran

    the pm was on his soapbox this week as usual and as usual his theme was anti alcohol He is quoted as saying the national drink of Turkey is Ayran. this is enraging many as the world over people know the national drink of Turkey has always been Raki. Furthermore he also stated that he will...
  7. shirleyanntr

    cheers alcohol ban overturned

    whether you tipple or not this is good news for Turkey that a small town Court has stood up and overturned a ban issued by the local governors office on drinking alcohol in public parks picnic areas etc Afyonkarahisar is the town its a nice little place well worth a visit i...
  8. Yalides

    The war against alcohol in Turkey.

    Anyone who has been to Turkey recently probably knows that the country is now one of the most expensive places in Europe to enjoy a glass of wine or beer. In fact, Turkey is now among the top five most expensive markets for rakı, the anise-flavoured spirit that is consumed in several other...
  9. A

    tax hike again on fuel and alcohol

    The turkish government have raised taxes again on petrol, diesel, lpg and booze. A crate of efes went up by 10 lira overnight and a bottle of vodka increased by 8 lira. Pubs will have to raise prices. Looks like they are gonna deter tourist from coming to Turkey. Resorts have had a bad season...
  10. shirleyanntr

    alcohol ban on campus

    recently alcohol was banned at a rock concert held in a İstanbul Bilgi Uni. the ban was a last minute decision after RTE announced.. "They want all our youth to be alcoholics. What on earth is this? I told the university authorities we were upset over the festival," he said. "For Allah's...
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Alcohol Prices

    The Big Ben in Altinkum thread Alcohol prices has got me thinking on this. As the season is now almost into full swing, for all you lucky people who live there, or holidaying long term, are there any that we Yalikavites/Gumusy's should be wary of, when choosing where to go to do our...
  12. Summertime

    Alcohol prices at Altinkum Sea Front

    Yesterday I went into Big Ben to have a wine, they charged me 9 lira for a small class of wine. I told them it was very expensive and they explained the high price cause of expensive petrol and high rent. Went into Iskbal, they charged 5 lira for a class of wine. The Big Ben I will never visit...
  13. Sha Hoorsur

    Minimum pricing for alcohol

    The SNP, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to introduce a minimum pricing for alcohol. This is apparently for our own good, can’t have the plebs enjoying a drink now, can we. But what really grates on my nerves is the sheer unadulterated, nanny state mentality of our illustrious elected...
  14. Yalides

    No alcohol in Universities.

    The British University head that seeks to force Islamic values on all British students | Mail Online Another PC idiot who should lose his job.
  15. arrian

    why does alcohol

    always taste better than the after efffects???? had a couple of drinks and now wishing i hadn't!!!!!
  16. suzyq

    Alcohol seen killing 200,000 Britons in next 20 years

    Up to 210,000 people in England and Wales will be killed prematurely by alcohol over the next 20 years, with a third of those preventable deaths due to liver disease alone, health experts warned on Monday. Other alcohol-related deaths will be due to accidents, violence and suicide, or from...
  17. R

    Alcohol test

    This is an alcohol test for every time you click on his nose you can have another class of wine if you miss it`s time to stop drinking. Good luck.:cheers: selfcontrolfreak
  18. S

    Alcohol ban for elections ?

    Somebody who is staying in Kuşadası at this time, wrote that there is an alcohol ban from 00:00 till 00:00 on election day, is this true ?
  19. F

    bad alcohol

    Post withdrawn toooooooo!!!!!!! much flack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. teosgirl

    New alcohol regs suspended

    Turkish court partially suspends new alcohol restrictions - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review This is good news. I remember reading that a group of lawyers from the Ankara bar association petitioned to have the new legislation thrown out. It's currently in a state of suspension, but...
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