1. C

    We can recommend Bodrum Albatross

    Virtually every transfer of property in Turkey is an unusual and exciting process for European understanding. Although always intensive, the sale of your own home is still a bit more exciting. Because of the experience gained in this area it was clear that we would use Bodrum Albatross when...
  2. james1873

    Albatross Turkish Properties

    Hi, I am having difficulty contacting Albatross Turkish Properties in Altinkum by phone or E Mail. I am also having difficulty accessing the ATP Website. Can anybody give me any info on the current situation with ATP who had an office near Didim Shopping Centre.
  3. Y

    Albatross 3 and 4

    If any forum members have bought apartments in this complex, could they get in touch with me. Many thanks
  4. P

    has any one had dealings with albatross est agents

    I have just bought an 2 bed apartment from a company could albatross has any one else heard of them and are they ok Tar peter
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