1. A

    DIY Alarms in Dalyan?

    Can you buy diy alarms in dalyan the battery operated type you fit yourself.
  2. scotssteve

    Lets talk about ALARMS

    following all the threads about the various robberies and attempted robberies, I thought it would be useful for TLF members if I recounted the latest installment in our office security. Having reviewed the current arrangements (and decided we could do better) we talked to a number of companies...
  3. I

    Burglar alarms

    There's a burglar alarm going off in a property only feet away from my bedroom window:( It stops for a little while and then goes off again for a very long time. I went out to see whose property it was and the bar owners said it was not them but the landlord (absent of course and cannot be...
  4. A

    Burglar Alarms

    Just let everybody know we got broken into last night, the SCUMBAGS didn't take anything.Police have taken fingerprints. We are out in june will be looking for a good alarm system(anybody recommend anybody who fits alarm). Also i will be armed with a pickaxe handle when we will be inside...
  5. J

    Pointing work and alarms

    Hi again lol Also there is 5 of us that have had pointing work done to our properties which is filling in the gaps between the stone thats covering the ground floor of our apartments, this is going to prevent any damp internally in your property so if you have damp problems and your interested...
  6. V

    help alarms

    Hope someone can give me a phone number for a reliable alarm fitter for my villa in altinkum THANKS :roundgrin
  7. R

    Home Alarms

    Does anyone know of any good home alarms? Am I better off buying from the UK and bringing it over?
  8. J


    Hi there Does anyone know of a good place to get a house alarm? If so, how much are they roughly?
  9. GnD

    Break Ins get window iron work or window alarms

    Sadly have to announce that the oh so familar early hours break ins, detailed on other town boards, have come to Dalaman. Around 4am two of the 12 properties were singled out. Fortunately, the second had someone sleeping downstairs so they were disturbed and the break in foiled. I only...
  10. v6cod

    Mini Window alarms

    Lidl's have got these on sale from the 7 Feb Alarms £2.99 for a pack of 4, bargain.
  11. merlin

    Smoke Alarms for your Turkish & UK property....

    If you have a property over here then just a reminder from an old topic that was discussed a few months ago, that Smoke Detectors are very expensive here (around 15-20 pounds) compared to the UK and you could do worse than pick a couple up from B&Q and install in your new home...
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