1. giglets

    Alan Whicker Dies

    BBC News - Broadcaster Alan Whicker dies at 87
  2. kemerkid

    Happy Birthday Alan Turing.

    Tomorrow marks the birth day of Alan Turing 100 years ago, the father of computing. He killed himself at the age of 42. Who knows what else he may have been capable of had he have lived. All Hail Alan for without him there would be no TLF. Happy Birthday Alan. BBC News - Alan Turing: Gay...
  3. J

    Alan Turing

    This petition needs to reach 100 000 to be refered and its still well short. His genius saved thousands of allied lives but rather than the medals and thanks he richly deserved he was hounded to death for being gay. Alan Turing – A...
  4. A

    alan coggin

    hi i have just moved to side turkey 8 weeks ago and i am looking for golfers out there, there must be some somewhere, please get in touch
  5. S

    ref- van space Alan Keating

    Looking for a Alan Keating. Someone told me you have a van going back 18th Aug and you have space true ? Please contact me, Sue
  6. Martyn

    Codebreaker Alan Turing gets an apology

    PM's apology to codebreaker Alan Turing: we were inhumane | World news | The Guardian
  7. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday to Alan

    Dear Alan, Here's wishing A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I know that right now you are in hospital, but when you get on your feet you can enjoy a drink or three to celebrate your special day, and will savour the moment. Love and Hugs From Lesley xx :474cu:
  8. Andy

    Happy Birthday Alan

    Many happy returns of the day to my little buddy westonalan (54) who at this moment is on holiday in Turkey. Best wishes Al . And happy birthday to any other members who also have birthdays today. :52::52::52:
  9. C

    alan wilson

    İ am trying to make contact with an alan wilson who recently moved from the Uk to akbuk on the 1st of april 2009. İF anyone knows alan can you get him to contact me on 0534 213 74 05 regards Brian caliş fethiye
  10. D


    Hi, is there anyone out there with a place in Sunset bay who's mail I have not got? Trying to get owners assoc together. Have got just over half. :gathering
  11. lilacdiana

    Alan Johnston free

    Awoke this morning to hear the good news that Alan Johnston the BBC news reporter had been freed after nearly 4 months in captivity. Must be such a relief for his parents and sister. Not knowing what has happened to a loved one must be one of the worst things we could ever have to deal with.I...
  12. A

    Alan Ball RIP

    Another of England's 1966 world cup winning squad died last night aged 61 from a heart attack. i am sure thare will be a lot of teams that were associated with him that will miss him. i know all the England fans will. I was 10 when i watched that final
  13. Andy

    How could you Alan

    Playing Pool Andy's wife was furiously humping away with her husbands best mate Alan when suddenly the phone rang. She hopped out of bed and returned to the sweaty sheet after a brief conversation. "Who was it? The back stabbing Alan asked. "Oh, that was Andy." She replied calmly. "Oh...
  14. Andy

    Short joke For Alan

    Alan & Andrea are on their honeymoon. After a few hours of exhausting great sex Alan says, "Now you won't see me for a while sweetie." "But we're on our honeymoon!" Andrea exclaims. "Where do you think you're going?" "Nowhere, Sweetie," he says. "Now please turn over." Andy
  15. Andy

    One For Alan

    What a jerk ----------- Andy goes over to his friend's house, rings the bell, and the wife answers. "Hi, is Alan home?" "No, he went to the store." "Well, you mind if I wait?" "No, come in." They sit down and the Andy says, "You know Kate, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen...
  16. Pennie

    Ode to andy and alan

    Andy and Alan, They make a good pair Andy goes flashing and Alan goes bare Andy is single and he loves to mingle but while Alan's there, he just doesn't dare you invited me to join. Afraid this is the best I could do at short notice :lol: :lol:
  17. Andy

    Husband Alan

    Priceless -------- Alan wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table. He sits up and notices his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. Alan looks around the room...
  18. Andy

    Recommendation For Alan

    Letter of Recommendation Alan Weston, my assistant programmer, can always be found hard at work in his cubicle. Alan works independently, without wasting company time talking to colleagues. Alan never thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and he always finishes given assignments on...
  19. Andy

    A poem for Alan

    There was a young man from Japan whose limmericks would never scan when asked why it was so "he said i don't know", I just try to get as many words into the last line as i possibly can. :lol: :lol: Andy :crazy: :der:
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