1. S

    New to Akyaka :)

    Hello im Helen. Just moved to Akyaka from the uk a few weeks ago to live with my fiancé. Hoping to get in touch with other expats on here to help me along with the transition! :)
  2. SonnyJim

    Mocca, Akyaka

    Datca's loss is Akyaka, Gokovas gain!!! Mocca was a very popular restaurant, coffee bar in Datca for many years. They have now moved to Akyaka, well worth a try..., we miss it!
  3. S

    Akyaka to dalyan

    Is it easy to get to akyaka from dalyan for a day trip? Thanks
  4. T

    Looking to rent in akyaka

    I am looking for a property to rent for the summer season in akyaka mugla, my boyfriend is working in akyaka and he needs somewhere to rent for approximately 6 months he is looking to pay 400 to 500 tl per month if anyone knows of anywhere he can rent please message me thanks
  5. janA

    Land for sale near Akyaka

    Land for sale near Atakoy/Citlik area. This land is 10 mins drive from the bay of Gokova near Akyaka. 1291 sq mts available with 40% building permision. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. S

    My new home in Akyaka

    Hello everyone, I moved to Akyaka in the middle of May as I needed a sabbactical from work and health issues in the UK. I have been to Akyaka several times before as I am a keen kitesurfer and love the beautiful scenery and peaceful way of life here. I brought along my miniature dachshund who...
  7. teosgirl

    Akyaka - information please

    Hi all, We recently visited Akyaka and fell in love with the place. Unfortunately we were only able to stay one night (unplanned stop) but enjoyed the Azmak tour and an evening meal by the river. The village seems to have lots to offer; boat tours, beaches, wildlife (signs everywhere...
  8. clatchyrock

    Is it too windy in Akyaka

    This May rather than go to Kas we decided to go elsewhere and looked at Akyaka. But I picked up that it is a favourite spot for wind surfing etc- so will it be too windy on the beach.
  9. clatchyrock

    Is it windy in Akyaka?

    Thinking about having a change from Kas this year and looked at Akyaka. While this seems a great place to go to I noticed that a lot of wind surfing goes on. Checked the weather for May and 75% of days have wind between 5-15knots. Anyone experienced this- I don't mind a gentle breeze but a...
  10. janA

    Planning & Maintenance Recomendation in Akyaka

    I would like to recomend this new business recently started up in our area. We used him in December to sort out a couple of problems we had at the time ie tapu/translations etc. He is university educated, honest and reliable. ALISA PLANNING AND MAINTENANCE COMPANY Akyaka Please PM for details...
  11. A


    I came across Akyaka in a brochure I was looking at ( looks lovely), has anybody got any information on it, and how far it is from Dalaman... always looking for somewhere new to explore, Ta. Andy & Sue
  12. luddendenturk

    Akyaka Holiday Rental

    Not sure which forum to post this in, so please feel free to move if necessary. :) Does anyone have, or know of, a 2/3 bed property in Akyaka that is available for a 2-week holiday rental? Pool not necessary, and we would prefer an individual non-site property. However, given the size of the...
  13. lara

    Akyaka, anyone selling?

    My sister loves Akyaka and has asked me to look out for an apartment for her, so thought I'd start out here. I have looked on property for sale sites, and found one for sale but the threads seem a lot out of date, last post on this particular apartment was in 2006! She would like an appartment...
  14. Sweetnighter

    B and B in Akyaka

    Does anyone know of a B/B open in AKYAKA now.Tesekkur ederim
  15. Yas

    Dining out in Akyaka

    We would like to highly recommend the Krystal restaurant here in Akyaka. Located on the right hand side of the main road entering the village. Menu is varied, prices reasonable and service is excellent. The open kitchen encourages patrons to view and participate in the creating of pita bread and...
  16. Yas

    Dining out in Akyaka

    Justine and Mel have moved to a new location. Information for those of us who have enjoyed their offerings and an invite to those who have not: Please come, spend the day in Akyaka, a short drive from Marmaris Kazan is a homely restaurant and cafe run by Mel and Justine, only 50 meters...
  17. A

    Villa in Akyaka - near Marmaris

    I am selling my nearly completed villa direct - no extra fee Detatched Villa with fantastic seaview for sale in Akyaka-Gokova - brandnew (will be finished at high-quality in march 2006) - own garden - nice sea and mountain views from all stores - 3 stores (basemant, 1st and 2. store) - Salon...
  18. R

    Are there any Akayakans about ? (Akyaka)

    Hi, We bought our house in Akyaka last year and have had it renovated and will try and furnish it this time when we go in August. It is a beautiful little Turkish seaside village. We had been holidaying there for 4 years before buying-we have a young family (6yr old girl and 4 yr old boy) and...
  19. lorraine

    site for Gokova & Akyaka

    I have read that a few of the members have purchased property in this area and trying to find out info on Calis cam across this one. not quite up to date but I am sure that it could be pushed by person in the region to get it activated. but inthe meantime very informative with some good links...
  20. Nige and Lynn


    Some of you were asking about Akyaka. We uploaded some photos to our albums. Akyaka is between Marmaris and Mugla. It's a beautiful village, houses built in Ula-Mugla style. At the top part of the village are shops, PTT, mosque, jandarma, school, some restaurants, then the lower part with more...
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