1. E

    Akp Presidential surprise candidate

    Surprise vote Erdogans not the first candidate for the Akp, Hulusi Akar is. Erdogana second, Soylu third 0.5 behind. https://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/haber/akpnin-en-iyi-adayi-anketinde-surprize-sonuc-1773661
  2. teosgirl

    Sex advice from the AKP?

    A booklet giving sex advice to young couples, distributed by the local municipality in the western Turkish province of Kütahya, has drawn condemnation from both the government and the opposition. The booklet was distributed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)-run municipality in...
  3. bal canavar

    People ask why do Turks vote for AKP

    People ask why Turkish people knowing what Erdogan and the AKP is like still vote for them . AKP took 23.7 million votes out of the 48.5 million votes at the election , but there is more than 30 million Turks from families “in need of assistance” who is the one that supplies this aid...
  4. S


    Well there are in now by hook or crook, The lira has rallied against the dollar already, surprised there are not more comments on the forum, time for the opposition to rally round and become an opposition.
  5. T

    AKP - CHP coalition?

    Will AKP & CHP form a coalition government? An AKP-CHP coalition is out of the question - ?ÜKRÜ KÜÇÜK?AH?N Very good outcome in the election for HDP and they have Ocalan's niece in parliament. I am pleased they got into parliament at least some different groups (Kurds, Armenians, Alevis, women...
  6. bal canavar

    Bodrum Christian clergy AKP

    Muğla's Bodrum district pastor at Grace International Church Engin Duran, was admitted to the AKP Muğla deputy candidate nomination . He is said to have put his name down to eliminate misconceptions in the European Union about Turkey and wants to build a bridge in terms of faith. Paster...
  7. teosgirl

    AKP vote against Gulen investigation

    AKP rejects proposal to probe ?parallel state? - POLITICS Why are state police officers allowed to investigate themselves in order to weed out 'parallel structure' members, while a parliamentary investigation is denied? AKP voted against investigating - they like to clean their own houses...
  8. T

    AKP MPs attack opposition MPs during closed session

    At least five lawmakers have been wounded in a brawl between Turkey’s opposing political parties in the Parliament before the assembly moved to discuss controversial security bill. AKP MP's attack CHP & HDP MP's. AKP MPs attack opposition MPs during closed session - Turkey.com If AKP cannot...
  9. teosgirl

    AKP Spreading Islam in Turkey, no longer a conspiracy theory

    Years ago Shirley and I were regularly ridiculed on this forum for our belief that this government had a hidden agenda; an aim to spread Islam throughout Turkey and change the country from a democratic secular state, to an Islamic one, either in name or practice. Today those 'conspiracies' are...
  10. suzyq

    AKP mayor in Bingöl refuses to let women hold positions at municipal council

    The new mayor of the eastern town of Bingöl, elected in last week’s local elections from the ranks of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has refused to let women elected to the local municipal council hold positions of responsibility on religious grounds. Mayor Yücel Barakazi’s...
  11. A

    AKP won again scenario

    Sozcu Video More pressure new exiles new prohibits / bans unjustice arrests String underpressure to opponents Operation to oppent companies big riot all over the Turkiye Chaos curfew big economical crise blood, fear, tear... Civil war Game over Military corrupt!
  12. A

    Akp protests

    AKP bus protested in Bagdat street by people AKP can not stand in Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Çanakkale and alot of places: http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=ZLjWEquLERQ Today AKP protested by person in Osmaniye AKP meeting: http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=wGvqxB2CIFw in the coming days new protests...
  13. bickern

    CHP v AKP

    Is it me or is CHP starting to have effective arguments and attack strategies towards AKP, but is it perhaps too late? One of the reasons I have always maintained that AKP will win the next election is because of ineffective opposition but the opposition seems to be biting more. Bearing in...
  14. bickern

    AKP to reduce duration of compulsory military service to 12 months

    The government, as in Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, announced on Friday that the AKP will introduce legislation that will reduce the duration of compulsory military service from 15 to 12 months as soon as possible. I think this is not before time and the sooner they reduce it to nil the...
  15. teosgirl

    AKP in Didim

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - It's another Didim cover-up! Charlotte
  16. teosgirl

    More wise words from AKP officials

    POLITICS - Unwed couples against our faith, says Turkish deputy PM The deputy prime minister said married life protected people from a series of terrible things. “Sadly the cause behind many bad things and illnesses is a stance against [marriage].” Charlotte
  17. shirleyanntr

    AKP and sexism

    "If I were to take a picture showing between your legs and printed it just as 'This is the natural way they are’ ... I would be the one immoral, wouldn't I? But you still call what you do journalism," he said. this is the response by an AKP lawmaker to female journalists because a picture of...
  18. teosgirl

    AKP member calls for the annihilation of atheists

    LOCAL - Ruling party member calls for the ?annihilation of atheists? on Twitter, sparking controversy This news comes after a man was sentenced 13 months in prison for blasphemy. Apparently atheists are psychopaths (as well as being 'no good for anyone' as previously stated by an AKP official)...
  19. Lez Zetli

    Grenade and rocket attack on AKP

    More... Hand grenades hurled at Justice Ministry, rocket fired at AK Party HQ Let's hope that nobody unimportant was hurt. Locals here are saying that they did it themselves... (yawn...)
  20. giglets

    AKP Ten Years On

    Interesting perspective on Erdoğan, Gul and the rest. It is 10 years since Turkey's newly formed Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power after a period of economic crisis. The centrist Islamic party has overseen a decade of transformation - but can it continue to hold on to power...
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