1. C

    Idris curtains,Akbuk

    Dose anyone remember the guy who had the curtain shop in Akbuk, think his name was Idris, he had two brothers helping him out at one time. I know he sold the business and maybe he has now moved from the area but if anyone out there has a contact number, text or email details I could have I...
  2. G

    Water Restrictions in Didim and Akbuk

    There are two pools in our complex. The main pool has been filled this year but the smaller one for villa owners has not. I'm told this is due to water restrictions. Is this true?
  3. R

    Fethiye to Akbuk by coach

    Hi Folks. We need to travel to Akbuk from Fethiye. Driving isn't an option so it will be coach/bu. Any ideas about the easiest way to do this? Thanks Rosie
  4. R

    Info about Akbuk

    Hi there. Continuing my research about places to buy in Turkey. What opinions/info do people have about Akbuk? Is it an all year resort? Is much open in the Winter or does it close down? Are there nice places to visit around the area? Thanks very much. Rosie
  5. P

    akbuk to dalyan

    hi folks am driving from akbuk to dalyan in june. has anyone driven this route anything thing to see on the way thanks
  6. G

    anyone going to akbuk mid to end July?

    Hi if anyone is going to akbuk shortly and can take a small fan out for a friend of mine, I will pay for your shuttle transfer, I am buying it on ebay and can have it posted direct for you to take out and just hand it to the shuttle driver who I will pay for the transfer via galaxy travel akbuk...
  7. C

    Road surfacing Akbuk

    Great to see they have tarmacked the roads in Akbuk. Pity they tarmacked over the new man-hole covers!
  8. M

    Wheelchair accessible rental for April or May Akbuk

    Has anyone got a sort of ground floor apartment, villa, bungalow which is accessible for a wheelchair user, level access shower area, ground floor bedroom. Preferably Akbuk area for a couple of weeks in April or May 2018 thanks
  9. W

    long term rental akbuk or surrounding area

    my wife and I are looking for a furnished or part furnished 3bed apart/villa long term min. 1 year in akbuk or open to suggestions on area:
  10. W

    Akbuk Property Alterations

    A couple of years ago I recall Akbuk Council ordering some property alterations/ modifications on Olive Gardens to be revoked as they had breached planning regulations. I think it was addenda such as cover/roofing to open terraces? However since Akbuk Council was integrated into Didim Belediye I...
  11. christella

    Akbuk Rob

    Haven't seen Rob on here for a while hope he is alright
  12. J

    Community Annual Meetings - Options

    A few years ago, I remember some talk of a Sitesi in Akbuk holding their community AGM in the UK: Is this allowed as long as the majority of owners agree and its undertaken under Turkish Law e.g. That the decision book is completed and notarised? Also is it possible to undertake postal voting...
  13. S

    Looking for a property in akbuk which requires refurbished

    Hi we are in akbuk till late next week looking for a property in akbuk that requires work , we already have a property here
  14. W

    Rat Problem Akbuk

    for the first time since we arrived in Turkey 10 years ago there has been a fair number of reports from neighbours re rats in their properties. Checked a neighbour's house today , noticed obvious signs of rat urine/droppings , followed the trail downstairs to the bedroom and spied 2 - poking...
  15. R

    boat storage in Akbuk area

    I am bringing a boat to Akbuk in June it is approx 18ft long and am looking for somewhere to store it whilst I am not in Turkey, does anyone know of any storage availability in or around Akbuk.
  16. K

    Transfers Akbuk

    Galaxy Tours Akbuk, just used this new company in Akbuk to and from Milas very good and professional and legal unlike some, run by Mehmet and his English wife near the Celebi,many thanks Mehmet ve bon sans Mel.
  17. christella

    Power cut in akbuk

    Electric off till 1300hrs today
  18. W

    Internet AKBUK

    I am currently with TTNET until June.It will not be renewed as I no longer have a RP. I heard that there is an option whereby you only pay for the weeks/ months that is used. Can anyone advise as to what is available ( not dongle) or give a website address. for available options. Thanks
  19. M

    Akbuk Villa reduced

    Due to personal circumstances we are unfortunately having to sell our lovingly cared for villa, it comprises of: 3 bedroom detached villa TAPU and habitation 1 bathroom with spa bath fully tiled 1 ensuite shower room fully tiled 1 shower room fully tiled Own pool 9 m x 3 m Large established...
  20. G

    Finding an Akbuk property

    I hope to be a regular contributor to this forum sharing my experiences in Akbuk and Turkey but first I need to find a place I can call home. In this regard I have seen several villas and found one to my taste up an extremely steep incline (Golden Sand 3 site) 1104 Street. It is one of three...
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