akbuk or altinkum

  1. G

    Transfer share Bodrum to Akbuk/Altinkum

    Hi, I am looking to find 2 or more to share a private transfer from bodrum to akbuk or altinkum on the 30th june at 21.30 arriving on ezy6283. please message me if interested.
  2. B

    Full Length Mirror (Akbuk/Altinkum area)

    I don't know if anyone can help me, but here goes.... We are over to Akbuk in 4 days. My wife would like to get a full length mirror to hang in the bedroom. Any one know where to get one in the Akbuk/Altinkum area? Thanks in advance. Mel (and Anne)
  3. A

    Looking for apartment to exchange!

    Hi, we have a 2 double bedroom apartment with corner jacuzzi bath, open plan kitchen/living room in Olive Gardens, Akbuk on Phase 3 which has a beautiful sea view with 2 large balconys (one from the living room with bbq and one from the back bedroom) and a juliet balcony from the 2nd bedroom...
  4. D

    Car for sale - Akbuk/Altinkum

    Hi we are selling our car as we are going back to the uk. It is an Opel Combo 1.3 cdti (turbo diesel). It has loads of room for luggage etc. and with it being a 1.3 diesel is very economical. We have had it serviced regularly, and recently fitted four new Goodyear tyres. Year 2005 Mileage...
  5. MIKE P

    For All Brits Missing Akbuk/altinkum

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtglyDS_Msw&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtglyDS_Msw&NR=1 ENJOY :animation :animation :25:
  6. bobthenob

    Any Jellyfish sightings in Akbuk/Altinkum?

    jellyfish l have read an article on the plague of stinging jelly fish accumalating in droves,that is having a devestating effect on the tourists,around the western side of the med.Not only has the weather patterns,changed globally that has altered nature,but the main issue of plagues,throughout...
  7. N

    banks in akbuk/altinkum

    hi all. had to leave turkey last weekend before we could open the bank account, we have the tax stuff etc. what banks are in the above areas and what you think are the better ones. also we were told that if we move over our funds into a such bank the interest rate is between 16% and...
  8. A

    Akbuk/Altinkum Home Maintenance

    My partner and his brother (and me, of course!) offer a tailor made package for all your maintenance needs. If you are renting out, we can arrange for your apartment or villa to be cleaned and prepared for next visitors, we can check your property on a regular basis when it is unoccupied during...
  9. V

    Hello to everyone in Akbuk/Altinkum !!!

    Hi , we are Val and Brian McDonald and live in Paisley in Scotland right beside Glasgow Airport. We have recently sold a property in Kusadasi and are now waiting for our new Villa in Akbuk to be finished, hopefully in September. We will be over on the 3rd. of June to check progress so any ideas...
  10. firbyfred

    fishing in akbuk/altinkum

    we will be in akbuk for 2 weeks 3rd week in May , is there any good places to fish locally. not boat fishing just from the shore with 2 eight year olds and telescopic rods.
  11. Mushtaq

    Telephone numbers Akbuk/Altinkum

    AKBUK Numbers Doctor : Dr. Faruk Kazbek,0542 524 37 22, Akbuk Healty center : 856 40 39 Dentist : Dentist Dr. Hakan Uður ofis phone : 811 20 23 Mobil: 533 769 31 10 Akbuk Jandarma station : 856 42 28 Mushtaq
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