1. oldfogy


    Not exactly making money, More on the lines of monitoring money. but can anyone explain how to download a statement from a Akbank account
  2. richbake

    Problem getting money out of Akbank

    Whilst I no longer live in Turkey I still go back frequently and have retained my Akbank savings and current accounts. Until recently I never had any problem in withdrawing from my savings a/c at any time. If it was outside the 32 days of the a/c period I merely lost that month's interest; fair...
  3. G

    Akbank online

    hi all tlf, Is anyone else having trouble accessing there Akbank account from th UK Thanks
  4. R

    Akbank Online Access

    Hi Can anyone tell me if there is an issue accessing Akbank online? I've been trying all ways to get into my bank account without success and can't access any of their websites either? Thanks Anne
  5. G


    Hi All, Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Akbank website/internet banking today?
  6. oldfogy

    Akbank Serbest Acc vs Time Deposit Acc

    Does anyone know what the difference is between a 'Serbest Acc and/or Time Deposit Acc' interest rates on both accounts appear to be the same. Only it's a pain having to close a time account every month one day and then re-open a new one the next day just to get the best rate as Akbank does not...
  7. christella

    cant log in to Akbank

    its not there anymore or is it me please try
  8. christella

    akbank help

    i can log in ok to my only account which is a current account it tells me how much i have in there but i would like to see a print out of a detailed statement anybody know how to do it thanks
  9. G

    Akbank problems

    hi on tlf, I am having trouble accessing my Turkish Akbank account. When trying to log in I am not receiving my mobile pass therefor cannot access account. Is anyone else having this problem at the moment as I have managed to access it several times previously over the last few months
  10. Mushtaq

    Expat Assistance Line from AKBANK

    ‚ÄčExpat Assistance Line Whether you and your family are in Turkey for professional, residential or educational purposes, Akbank Expat Banking is here to help you make the most of the financial and non-financial opportunities before you. Our team of Expat Assistants are here to provide you with...
  11. A

    HSBC and AKBANK Interest rates

    Could anyone advise of interest rates athe moment. Hsbc and Akbank pse
  12. M

    Akbank, Didim

    Does anyone know if Kubra Kavak is still at Akbank? I have sent her two emails, with a read receipt request, but have had no reply at all. No acknowledgement nor answer to my query. Maisie
  13. G

    Akbank onine banking

    I have been trying to access akbank.com since Thursday evening without success, anyone else having problems with the akbank website?? :dizzy:
  14. christella

    Didim Akbank swift code?

    i am trying to transfer for the first time money to my account in turkey didim akbank any body know the swift code please
  15. christella

    neo card akbank

    when we use an English card in the cash point in turkey to get lira out can this be reversed using a neo credit card in England to get English money out just a thought
  16. P

    Akbank - Hurriyet Times

    Market rumors suggest Turkey's Akbank lays off more than 1,000 I wonder what the reason is, paying so many off.
  17. christella

    akbank didum altinkum

    my account in akbank has the same interest 5% and it should have gone up I urge all akbank savers to check their accounts and email them Kubra.kavak@akbank.com 0256 813 84 81 Or her new mobile number is 0530 9511 920 if you want to text her to call you maybe
  18. christella


    i have a neo card for drawing out from hole in the wall my monthly interest from my main account goes in every month i have just checked on line and there is about 50 tl missing its only used to pay my electric bill the last was paid in oct when we left turkey my question is ,is there a daily...
  19. christella

    Akbank interest rates

    The interest rate is very poor Anybody know why compared to other banks
  20. christella

    Akbank troubles logging in

    having troubles logging in here in the UK i cant and somebody else has said it on AA
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