1. immac

    Assassin Fly aka Robber Fly

    Impressive resource: https://www.royensoc.co.uk/identifying-insects The Royal Entomological Society web site will identify insects for you, even in Turkey. I sent a picture of a very interesting insect that seems to demolish hornets in my area. Each year it appears soon after the hornets and...
  2. Jaycey

    Has Jaycey Gone Rogue? (AKA Children’s Corner)

    In view of the inordinate flow of childish insults coming in my direction I thought it a good idea to start this thread - hopefully it will help to keep serious threads on topic (no thanks required Mushtaq :)). Clearly members posting here will immediately be identified as a Russophile...
  3. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Ms Who aka Kym:-)

    Happy Birthday Kym:party:,Heres wishing you a lovely day!! :pressie: Mo xx
  4. cokdeli

    Kelebek aka Titanic

    The above has now changed its name again, it has been taken over yet again and given a new name, The Three Lions Whatever next! cokdeli
  5. Andy

    Ceemac (aka Craig)

    Craig if you read this i just want to say i for one am missing all your informative threads. It's not the same without you mate. Please Come Back to us
  6. Tess

    What gets on your Bangor Reserves AKA Nerves

    As a starter from the Golden Gals, we want to know what gets you all irritated, ready to pull your hair out etc etc , from work, forums, socialising, your partner anything really. :35: Okey Doke lets hear them. Adverse reactions to the Golden Gals not tolerated !!!! :blowkiss::blowkiss:
  7. sandpearse

    Happy Birthday Steve aka Mayor of Gumbet

    Let me be one of the first to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Steve. I wish you a fun filled day, which knowing you, I am sure you will have! Lots of Love, Sandra x x
  8. Pennie

    Harbour Bar aka Castle Diner aka Jokers

    İve just had a fantastic meal at the Harbour Bar in Akbuk...Spring Rolls and noodles...so much i couldnt eat it all and very reasonably priced at 8ytl. We enjoyed it so much we have booked for the Valentines Day or should i say evening meal. This is a 3 course meal....choice of starter...steak...
  9. Pennie

    Guven Serce aka Mıchael

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Guven aka Mıchael one of the former owners of Jokers Bar as I need to contact hım. Last I heard he went to England to be wıth Hayley but I thınk hıs vısa has now expıred. Pennıe xx
  10. SOLO

    SOLO aka Sergei new here

    SOLO aka Sergei new here - Introduction I am new to this community (four years off vacation were adored in Gumbet) - so can say Bodrum is a proper place to be - buying in the area now (wish me luck)... Thinking back could we hardly remember better place for soul nirvana and tranquility...
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