1. yalimart

    English Airways

    Bit of a cock up or have they got it right and the Welsh are whinging snowflakes. BBC News - BA 'sorry' for tweet supporting England over Wales I think they have it massively wrong. Martin
  2. T

    British Airways

    Flight cancelled Sept Istanbul Gatwick.
  3. V

    New British Airways London Gatwick to Antalya direct route launched today

    I had totally missed this, but luckily for me my daughter told me about it tonight. British Airways have released direct flights from Gatwick to Antalya, starting on 30th April next year & going up until almost the end of September. Currently you can get return flights for just under £140. You...
  4. C

    British Airways

    Anyone having problems booking B.A flights to Bodrum? coming up as "system not responding" Trying to book for June.
  5. B

    Back To The Cypriot £ As Cyprus Airways Goes Bust

    9 January 2015 Last updated at 18:11 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page ShareFacebookTwitter.Cyprus Airways shuts down after order to repay state aid Continue reading the main story Related Stories Cyprus profile Ryanair to bid for Cyprus Airways Cyprus' national carrier has ceased...
  6. L

    Thomson Airways Turkey facebook page - is it legit?

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I was wondering if anyone has booked flights to Turkey via the Thomson Airways Turkey page on Facebook? -- Just trying to find out if this is a legit page? A friend of mine wants to book but is...

    British Airways

    could anyone tell me if British Airways fly from Ataturk Airport Istanbul or Sabina? I used to travel from Izmir with them but cant seem to get winter flights from there, and all im getting is Istanbul when I try to book, so need to know which airport in Istanbul pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzze
  8. M

    British Airways

    I have today been sent an e-mail from British Airways cancelling our flights for June and September, 2011. They had already cancelled our March flights, I am not sure what is going on. Does anyone have any information on this topic? I will now have to start searching the airways again...
  9. millilove76

    British Airways luggage costs

    Can anyone help me..or just be a fantastic person and have a look at the BA website. I am looking for flights in October 1 adult 2 children and 1 infant. Now i would like to book extra cases and it seems that i can for 28 pounds a case, taking up to 10 extra cases each ( i would want to book the...
  10. R

    Yesss Going to Akbuk with Tango Airways

    Hello All So glad Airports are re-opened again. It was like heaven when I heard the news. Hope everyone gets home ok who is stranded and everyone who is flying out gets out there fine and has a fabulous time in beautiful Turkey. Efes beer and beaches and sunshine and stunning scenery. My...
  11. ceemac

    Qatar Airways Launch Direct Flights to Ankara

    From Monday past, Qatar Airways, the national airline company of Qatar, launched direct flights from the Qatari capital; Doha to the Turkish capital; Ankara. Flights will be four days a week, on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. C
  12. Briand

    British Airways talks breakdown

    British Airways strike near as negotiations collapse Anybody flying with B A we are flying out with them on the 20th march lets hope they don't strike its a bloody nightmare worrying. Briand. :wow:
  13. ceemac

    Cyprus Airways Wants Compo For Turkish Ban

    CYPRUS AIRWAYS (CY) yesterday called for the government to pay the company millions of euros in loss of earnings due to the island's long-running differences with Turkey, as revenues continued to tumble. Here C
  14. B

    British Airways to Izmir

    Just booked a flight from Gatwick with BA to Izmir for £205 each travelling out on 27/2 and returning 9/3. We use this route and then make the 3 hour drive to Yalikavak. Plenty of leg room on the aircraft and good luggage allowance. Choose your own seats online, without charges. Does anybody...
  15. PDM

    British Airways V Easy Jet???

    My son is travelling March 31st on Easy Jets first flight out to Dalaman,since taking over the route from BA. Problem is he works for British Airways and the check in's are near each other and he doesnt want his work colleagues to see him checking in. Im hoping Stelios will be there with the...
  16. S

    british airways

    We flew from London Gatwick to I zmir 3 weeks ago with BA and I must say Onur air would have been better service, the flight itself was great and no delays but service ( what service ) was awfull, we had the most revolting tuna and bean salad plus a bit of cake, it was supposed to be free drinks...
  17. Mushtaq

    Excel Airways ( Flight Nightmare

    I booked a flight to Hurghada (Egypt) on for a week, the flight departure time was 11:30am, we boarded a little late (nothing unusual about that) but then we sat in the plane for couple of hours while we are told very little. After about 2.5hrs we are told that the engine needs a spare...
  18. Martyn

    Keep checking British Airways

    for flights. The prices are changing daily, a few days ago I got two return flights from Gatwick to Izmir for £98 each for September. Those same flights are almost double now. This has been happening in recent months with the yoyoing of prices, by checking often you can make big savings. I...
  19. M

    British Airways Sale

    BA have launched their current sale lots of offers on flights to Turkey up to May.
  20. C

    British Airways Altinkum

    One of the great things about buying in Altinkum is BA. Apart from the cheap flights and upgrades, I have just discovered they also fly three times everyday to Istanbul. Why didnt anyone mention this before? This means that I can fly to Istanbul, see the sights then get a really quick and cheap...
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