1. Tenpin

    News Airport chaos

    Airport chaos: All countries reporting major delays and queues as problems sweep Europe Which countries are facing long delays and queues? Airports across some of...
  2. E

    UK Airport DUTY FREE - your vat refund

    Who got their hands on it? Airport VAT row: customers threaten not to show boarding passes | Politics | The Guardian
  3. Sleekit

    Antalya/Manchester Airports Ahhhhhhhhhh.

    Just back to Blighty for a month's hols and what a nightmare. Got to Antalya Airport 3hrs early,good job I did Terminal 1 is closed down(for those that don't know,if you do why didn't you tell me) for renovations which will take approx 3 months,all flights are out of Terminal 2 (which is half...
  4. Tommie

    Serious delays at some UK airports

    If you are flying today then there has been an issue at the ATC centre at Swanwick and all flights may be subject to serious delays due to knock-on effects. Incoming flights have been given priority over outgoing flights. Due to the vast no of flights, there is no telling when flights will...
  5. tomc1984

    Istanbul airports

    Anyone know how easy it is and costs between SAW and Attaturk airports please.
  6. C

    Tranfers multi airports

    Hi guys this year I have a flight coming in to Bodrum my return flight is from Izmir. Does any one know if companies that do single shuttle transfers from and to these airports. Chris
  7. keny

    strikes at turkish airports

    Just heard from England of 3 hour delays on arrival at Bodrum.Has anyone suffered delays.I have a relatives arriving tommrow night.Thanksif you can help.
  8. millilove76

    transfer between airports

    Hi, i'm in Istanbul at the moment and am due to fly from Sabihan Gokcen Airport but we are staying close to Ataturk airport. Does anyone know of any airport transfers between the 2 airports? Thanks in advance.
  9. culturevulture

    cost of cigs at Turkish airports

    Anyone know if the costs of cigs have gone up at the Turkey duty free shops, since the recent Health Tax increase. Mary.
  10. Mojive

    News about Airports via Travel Republic/ Twitter

    Travel Republic We have tried to find as many UK and Ireland airports on Twitter and are following them from the Twitter id UK_Airports. Don't worry if you have never used Twitter, just click on the link and read the latest news from 29 airports and European Air Traffic Control. Airport News...
  11. T

    Security at Turkish and British Airports

    Thursday past we had 3 flights to get back from Bodrum to home in Ireland. It struck us how different the levels of security are at various airports. Started with an internal flight Bodrum to Istanbul, first thing the guy at security took one look at my passport photo which I have to say...
  12. R

    Gatwick, Heathrow and Norwich Airports now closed

    Heathrow And Gatwick Close Due To Ash Cloud | UK & World News | Orange UK
  13. CJD

    All Uk airports to open 10pm TONIGHT

    Breaking news on sky All uk airports to open from 10pm tonight
  14. ceemac

    Turkish Airports

    Here's a useful guide to all Turkish airports with flights to/from UK and Ireland. It includes reviews of the airports, taxi and coach transfer info, and facilities at the airports. The thing I'm not sure about is if it's up to date or not but its worth checking out. Incidentally, Turkish...
  15. M


    Hi again. stuck on Flights now. last time i was in Turkey i got off at Bodrum airport. Now flights are limited from Leeds to Bodrum airport on the dates i want. which is the next airport near to Akbuk. i can get flight to Dalaman or Izmir. any suggestions?:14:
  16. Philogic

    Antalya and other Turkish Airports

    Antalya airport has just announced the enforcement of the 'No Liquids' rule, I think it applies to other airports too. So gone have the days when I had a couple of cans in my handluggage, I'll be forced to pay the airport crazy prices even for water, or not drink at all. Maybe I can slip a...
  17. A

    Istanbul airports

    please can anyone help ime flying from bodrum to Ataturk aırport next week then on to London Gatwick on an easyjet flight . only problem is it leaves from İstanbuls other airport Sabiha Ğokçen. Dose any one know if there ıs some kind of transport between the two and how long it takes :dooh...
  18. M

    Sabiha Goken to Ataturk Airports

    Hi, I've a flight that arrives at Sabiha at 1320 on Sat 14th Feb and need to get across to Ataturk airport to catch a domestic flight departing at 1840 same day. I've not done this before and its been 25 years since I've visited Istanbul. Fromwhat I've read up on the web it looks like the best...
  19. B

    Antalya and Dalaman Airports

    For those of you used to doing trips all year round between the Uk and Turkey can you tell me if Antalya is better served from the Uk than Dalaman ? Or are they basically the same. I'm particularly interested in making sure which of these is seviced well through the winter months. Thanks
  20. A

    Other Airports Besides Dalaman

    Hi, As we all know flights to Dalaman are not the cheapest due to the limited airlines using it .Has anyone found a way of transferring cheaply from other Turkish airports to Dalaman. I know there is an inconvenience cost ,but hey once your in Turkey ,you're in Turkey!!
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