1. Tenpin

    News Which European airlines are cancelling the most flights this summer?

    Which European airlines are cancelling the most flights this summer? Extract: Summertime, and it’s that part of the year when everyone needs a getaway. But...
  2. juco

    Airlines carry extra fuel.

    How far do we take all this ? Are cars going to be targeted next whereby we should never fill the tank completely and only have sufficient for a daily journey.
  3. liversalts

    Turkish Airlines

    Turkish Airlines has announced plans for a new nonstop service between Gatwick and Antalya. The twice weekly route will launch on April 4, with flight TK1162 departing on Thursday at 2205 (arriving 0430 the following day) and Saturday at 2115 (arriving 0340 the following day). The return leg...
  4. yalimart

    Turkish Airlines Martin
  5. suecheshireuk

    Turkish airlines office Fethiye ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Turkish airline office in Fethiye anywhere? I know they have agents around and about, but we have been told to claim our refund, we have to take our passports into their office, and according to their website Istanbul is the closest, or maybe I'm missing...
  6. Akasya

    Turkish airlines excess baggage

    Flying Turkish airlines London Heathrow / Istanbul Ataturk / Bodrum BJV , does anyone know by chance the cost per kilo of excess baggage . I want to take a top box and two crash helmets ( inside said box ) as EB and for the life of me and cannot work out the costings . Many thanks in advance...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Loyalty to Turkish airlines

    I think we should make an effort to support airlines in Turkey. i have just booked my next flight. I hope that they will let me sit next to the pilot. Turkish female pilots become social media phenomena
  8. G

    cheap flight with turkish airlines

    Hi I have just booked first 2 weeks in march with Turkish Airlines return Heathrow-Bodrum for £170 incl 23KG luggage. :48:
  9. ibrahimwoah

    So being a pilot is a dream job of mine...

    However, I'm getting put off by all the cons of being one. Like how exhausted the pilot is allowed to be (working up to 16 hour shifts) and how you carry less fuel than you're comfortable with! Would Turkish Airlines be a good option for me? Do they offer reasonable rest periods. How's the...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish Airlines parks up to 30 planes

    Due to economic situation and falling demands. Turkish Airlines parks 30 planes as demand decreases amid economic slowdown, security concerns - BUSINESS I can see why some of the international destinations have been scrapped though. It is a while since I felt the need to visit Kano in Nigeria...
  11. Yalides

    Monarch airlines

    Monarch in a spot of bother. Flights to Turkey at risk for next season ?
  12. suzyq

    Turkish Airlines reports TL 410 mln net loss for 2015

    Turkey's national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) posted a net loss of TL 410 million in 2015, the company's provisional tax declaration has revealed. The declaration, sent by THY to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on Monday, showed that the company recorded a net loss of nearly half a...
  13. S

    Mentions of Turkish Supermarkets & Restaurants in UK

    May I humbly suggest that you add one or two threads for Turks living in the UK (or Brits with Turks living in the UK) of the best (1) Turkish Supermarkets - where Turkish products can be found, you would need to give the location as well as a rating system, like stars, maybe one to five. (2)...
  14. V

    Turkish Airlines bomb threat

    A Turkish Airlines plane bound for Istanbul from the USA has been diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a handwritten bomb threat was found on bound. All passengers and crew were disembarked safely. Turkish Airlines flight lands in Ireland after handwritten bomb found | Daily Mail Online
  15. yalimart

    Malaysian Airlines

    Is this the way forward ? just remember to pack a clean pair of pants in your hand luggage. Hard Hit Malaysia Air Bans UK Travellers From Flying With Luggage Martin
  16. V

    turkish airlines api

    Hi all, Has anyone filled out API for Turkish airlines. It seems to be for Americans and we are confused. Any help would be appreciated
  17. A

    Turkish Airlines

    Sky News Turkish Airlines flight diverted to Halifax after bomb scare on flight from New York to Istanbul last night, search on plane ongoing.
  18. stmary

    extra luggage , flying turkish airlines

    Hi , we are moving to Turkey on the 5th Dec , flying with Turkish airlines , it says 1 case 20 kilo and one 8 kilo hand luggage free for each person. But we have got 2 extra cases weighing around 20 kilo each , will they let us on with them , we are willing to pay the extra allowances . hope...
  19. K

    Turkish Airlines APIS

    Hi Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to fill in APIS form, flying from UK to Turkey, as i cannot understand some of the questions on the form.
  20. I

    Bringing wedding dress on turkish airlines flight

    Hi all, I'm flying out to istanbul from uk to get married in a few weeks. Any suggestions how to carry my dress? It would fit in a cabin bag but I'm worried incase it creased too much. I tried to contact turkish airlines but the personal who deals with such queries is off until my wedding...
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