1. yalimart

    Airline Seat Planner

    What a great idea, but they could go further and put all the babies to the rear of the aircraft and use those adjustable curtains to close off the area where babies are. Martin
  2. J

    Airline Regulations re laptops

    Hi everyone, I have been told that the strict regulations flying from Turkey have been relaxed. Specifically that you can now take tablets/e-readers in hand luggage. Is this correct as we are flying out next week and I would like to take my e-reader on the flight home. Many thanks in advance -...
  3. paddington bear

    Airline dog carrier wanted

    Does anyone, in the Side, area have a dog carrier for sale, this needs to be extra large - 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 87.5 cm high. Suitable for an airline. This is for a kangal mix which I was feeding on the street this summer and has been adopted by a wonderful Norweigan family and Daisy...
  4. newhorizon

    Airline partners and Frequent Flyer Loyalty Cards

    Does anyone else wonder why all major airlines don't group together in one loyalty scheme? I like flying with Turkish airlines so joined their MilesandSmiles Loyalty scheme, but they don't fly to some destinations I go. I fly Emirates often and collect miles on their Skywards program. But...
  5. D

    Excess luggage---which airline has the best terms

    İ usually book cheap and cheerful from İzmir to The Uk in summer but İ know this year i will have a lot of excess luggage on the return leg of the trip...İ am guessing it is best to pre-book for this but i only want the allowance on the return.........any advice which airline is best and how i...
  6. L

    Airline Discount Codes

    Want to book some flights with Lufthansa, does anyone have any discount codes that I can use, thanks Sharon
  7. bickern

    New Airline - Competition for Ryanair at last!

    New Indian Airline Competition for Ryanair at last! Currently Santaco will only fly between Mumbai and Christmas Island but hopes to introduce further services to Australia later this year. Australia's CASA announced it will be trying to ban the service as it is unsure about the...
  8. S

    Latest airline scam !

    Just checked in online for myself and daughter, we never pay extra for allocated seats, we just arrive nice and early at the airport to make sure we can sit together. They now allocate split seats at the online check in unless you pay the extra to sit together! This is with Jet2, so not sure if...
  9. Jaycey

    Free airline tickets!

    Better fly Turkish ... US couple gets free tickets after flown to wrong continent by THY
  10. T

    Need translating to turkish URGENT THANKS

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Antalya airport. Please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the aircraft comes to a complete stop, take care when opening the lockers in case anything falls out. Smoking is not allowed until you are outside the terminal, mobile phones and any other...
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkish Airline flying to Hurghada

    I just seen flights between Istanbul and Hurghada, flights from Turkey to Egyptian resorts have been non existent, you had to fly to Cairo and then take an internal flight. Turkish Airline have expanded their routes recently including flying to Gatwick, so lot more options now.
  12. S

    Turkish Airline booking.

    Hi I have a friend who has booked with turkish airlines to fly to Istanbul end of the month and she wants to know if you have to put in your passport details as she can not find a link for this. I have booked with Pegasus for March and did not have to put my details in, not like Easy jet ect...
  13. Jaycey

    New airline in Turkey

    New airline.... Book early!! WELCOME TO TPA ... (Terrorist-Proof Airlines) TPA is in the safe-flying business! They absolutely guarantee that no walk-on guns, knives, shoe-bombs, suicide-belts or other weapons will EVER be carried onto their flights! Book your next flight with TPA ...
  14. B

    Airline revenge.

    You never know what bad customer service will get you…. If you've ever been frustrated by big business not being responsible — this is a hilarious and responsible reaction that brought satisfaction both emotionally and financially and worth a listen!! Subject: Sweet Revenge for a Broken...
  15. skydog

    Airline Safety Logic US Style!

    The Sky Isn't Falling! And regulators are worried. By JAMES TARANTO A corollary of the old man-bites-dog adage is that it's news when a plane crashes, but not when a plane lands safely. A recent Bloomberg dispatch challenges that assumption. The lead sentence: "More than a decade has passed...
  16. H

    pegasus airline problems

    pegasus or pigs are the worst airline i have ever flown with be careful if you are thinking of using this airline,they do not respond to complaints.we have tried resolving a complaint with them but just get fobbed off. BEWARE!!!:218by:
  17. tykatem

    Fat airline passengers 'should pay more'

    Fat passengers should pay more for their plane tickets, a former airline executive has said. Tony Webber, who worked as an economist for Qantas for seven years, said that overweight passengers were pushing up airlines’ fuel bills. Mr Webber, who now runs his own consultancy firm, said that...
  18. altinkum kev

    New Airline 4 Stelios

    Stelios to launch rival to easyJet EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has revealed he is to set up a rival airline called FastJet. The website has already been established, but only says: "By Stelios. Coming soon." In a statement on its website, easyJet said any new...
  19. S

    Monarch Airline

    Just had to say after a few nightmare flights with other airlines how great it was to fly with Monarch last night. We flew from Birmingham which is a superb little airport, the Monarch check is was smooth and trouble free despite being over 4kilos over with luggage we were 'let off' with...
  20. Tommie

    Ryanair trumped by zero-fee airline

    Wanna cut the cost of your travel? The new kid on the block is Monarch (I'm sure they have been around a while) Monarch
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