1. Tenpin

    News Rolls-Royce’s first all-electric aircraft completes maiden flight

    Rolls-Royce’s first all-electric aircraft completes maiden flight Extract: Rolls-Royce’s first all-electric aircraft has completed its maiden flight ahead of a world record attempt later this year...
  2. C

    Aircraft crash lands Trabzon

    A pegasus airways Boeing 737 carrying 162 passengers and crew, has crash landed at Trabzon airport on the Black sea. The aircraft came to rest on a cliff just above the sea. reports say no one was injured and the airport has re-opened. A spokesman has claimed , they can now avoid customs and...
  3. teosgirl

    Russian plane crash

    Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Over Egypt Tragic news, I can't imagine the final moments of the lives of those onboard, and all those waiting for loved ones to arrive home. Charlotte
  4. bickern

    Royal Navy will get second aircraft carrier

    The Royal Navy’s second new aircraft carrier is to be brought into service instead of being sold off. The unexpected announcement about the 65,000-ton HMS Prince Of Wales was made at the Nato summit in Wales. The Queen launched the first of the two new vessels, HMS Queen Elizabeth, in July...
  5. K

    Military aircraft will be sunk on 30th August

    Anyone interested to see the wreck of old military aircraft can come to diving after 30th august. The wreck will be in three islands area. 25m deep. Near Kemer.We are leaving from Kemer Marina everyday 10:00 am.Our boat name is Northstar.
  6. B

    London to bombay by Microlight aircraft

    Hi I am helping to organise a London to Bombay microlight aicraft round trip. Starting October 7th approx. Any information regarding private clubs or organisations flying in or near Istanbul would be most helpfull. Any information on microlight flying in or near Istanbul would be very...
  7. O

    aircraft noise

    We are thinking of moving to Turkey and Dalaman has ticked most of boxes we want. The thing that worries us is that being so near the airport there must be a lot of aircraft noise. Is it very intrusive?
  8. V

    Anadolu jet will expand!

    Just read in the newspaper anadolu jet (daughter of turkish airlines) will expand their business to Amsterdam. This is great news because their service is great and prices are excellent! I hope they will expand their business as soon as possible. Don't know yet if they will fly from the UK...
  9. Andy

    Beware low flying aircraft

    This is for real and the plane is about to land at Princess Juliana airport on the Island of St Maarten. YouTube - Plane Landing Too Close to Beach
  10. peter the postie

    Laptops on aircraft

    Quick one, are you allowed to use laptops in flight ?
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