1. S


    Hello, Please can anyone suggest what BTU of air con we would need for our 2 bedroom apartment, it is 189m2, thank you.
  2. C

    Aircon service

    Hi can any one recommend a good air conditioning contractor to service my Arclik units . I am in second beach area of Altinkum, thanks Clive
  3. Helenm150

    Air-Con Remote control problem

    I have been away from my apartment for a few months and yesterday tried to put the air con on via the remote control but not working - put in new batteries and it was the same - the units turn on and off manually but I don't seem to be able to regulate them manually more than that - I have tried...
  4. M


    i need to know the price of the aircons in turkey. is there any site i can go to please?it can be in turkish or english. cheers
  5. H

    any feedback on Uğur AirCon units

    looking to replace my 8yr old aircon units that are on their last legs with more efficient inverter units, independent aircon engineer recommends Uğur units, searching the web seems that they are the largest Turkish refrigeration company and the spec looks fairly good. anyone with real life...

    Recommendation for Aircon service please?

    Can someone please recommend a good Serviceman for Aircon units in the Turgutreis area. Thank you in advance.
  7. B

    Aircon units

    Hi does anybody know if aircon units can be adapted with pay as you go meters? . I have an apartment in didim - off marina rd. if anybody has had this done or know if it can be done I would appreciate any information Thank you
  8. E


    Does anyone know about the changes at the end of this year about the gas that is used in the air conditioners. We have older units in an apartment and have been told that we will have to buy new air conditioners as the gas is being changed from R12 to R123A. The make we have is unionaire, I have...
  9. Lindacm

    Air-Con sensors

    Has anyone had any success with air-con sensors at their rental property? We had some last year from Eco Sense, but they quickly broke and we had to send them back. We had mostly small parties in this year, but all through Sept we had 6-8 people in and the electricity was very we are...
  10. R

    Aircon blowing Warm Air

    Two of my aircon units now blow out luke warm air instead of cold,any suggestions why!!!!
  11. L


    Hi, I am looking for 3 x Aircon units to be installed, any recommendations/costs please. Thanks
  12. P

    Aircon upgrade

    Hi all, I will be upgrading our main bedroom aircon at the end of the month. I will be going for a larger replacement split system. Does anyone have any aircon manufacturers that i should avoid when i am out shopping? Thanks in advance for any assistance given. I was going to look at Arcelik or...
  13. J


    Hello Could someone please tell me how much an air conditioning unit is, supply and fit and any recommendations of anyone who provides this service. Also where can I get the best deal for a 32inch flat screen TV plus a 26inch flat screen TV. Thanks.
  14. Summertime

    Portable aircon

    Does anybody knows about Portable Aircon, and can you buy them in Altinkum, I was looking for Wilfa WAC-9000 btu. Can also use them for heating. And how good are they? Any recommendation? They are very heavy 38 kg so not possible to bring one to Turkey.
  15. T

    Shop fittings + aircon unit

    Shop fittings for sale in Datca. 1. Air conditioning unit 24 BTU 2. 3 x Greeting Cards stands 3. 1 Gift carousel stand 4. "L" shaped shop counter 5. Gift Wrap stand Price by negotiation...if you wish further information please telephone 05468776698 or 0252 7120116
  16. juco

    aircon directional air flow?

    Anyone know if there is a quick or easy fix for the the `air direction flap, thats the one one that self parks when you switch it off and moves up and down while on to distribute the air. When the air con is on the flap opens but when switched off it closes as per normal and then falls back to...
  17. Martian106


    Hey All, Does anyone know of a reputable Aircon company in Side/ Manavgat area that speak english. I am looking to install a 20000 BTU and 3 heads to cools 3 rooms, 2 smallish Bedrooms and a larger Livingroom I hear it can be done. Any help would be appreciated as I will have the cash I...
  18. Briand

    Aircon running cost

    Just a quick question does anybody know how much it cost to run a 9000 BTU air con unit someone told me it was about 2 to 3 lira an hour thanks Briand :10:
  19. M

    SEG Aircon

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get replacement remote controls from for our SEG aircon units?? Thanks
  20. H

    Aircon Repairs

    Can anyone suggest a company in the Yalikavak area capable of repairing our Electra (Chinese I think) airconditioning units. We have 5 in total, none of which have worked since a power surge apparently wrecked our electrical meter whilst we were back in the UK. This required a replacement...
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