1. John LeNeve

    AIDS virus saves cancer patients

    This is an amazing medical breaktrhough. They have managed to take the invasive parts of the AIDS virus and splice it with the cancer killing parts of other molecules and make a cure for cancer. A girl suffering with terminal cancer is now in complete remission. Amazing See attached...
  2. Firefox

    Free Aids treatment UK

    The NHS in the UK will offer every visitor to England Free HIV treatment costing £100.000 per person. Recession & Cut Backs? What’s that..? BBC News - Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationals
  3. C

    tv hearing aids

    my partner is partially deaf and we need either hearing aids or the tv amplifier ones you can buy in the UK until we go back for a visit. Does anyone know of any stockists in the Marmaris region. or do Amazon deliver to Turkey
  4. bickern

    Aids virus vaccine

    Vaccine enables immune system to be constantly 'on the alert' for HIV More than half of infected monkeys given vaccine showed 'no signs' of virus in tests Human trials is next step for vaccine development An experimental drug helped monkeys with a form of the Aids virus control the infection...
  5. pepperkat

    Seniors are the leading carrier of AIDS

    Hearing Aids, Band Aids, Walking Aids, Medical Aids, Government Aids I cannot see.................................... I cannot pee I cannot chew....................................I caanot screw My memory shrinks..............................My memory stinks No sense os...
  6. rosewall1

    Bodrum: Hearing aids.

    I have had hearing aids from the UK and spent a fortune, £2000 several years ago from Boots. Well when they worked ok but a lot of the time they didn't so since living in Turkey I have just put up with it and said "What" or if I was feeling polite, "I beg your pardon". We had some visitors...
  7. B

    hearing aids.

    My hearing aid needs servicing and as I now live in Turkey I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of where i could get that sort of help,I am in the Ortica/Dalyan area. I await you replies,rather deafly at the moment! regards BL.
  8. rosewall1

    deaf aids in Turkey

    Has anyone had any experience of buying a deaf aid in Turkey? Availability, price, etc info would be gratefully accepted.
  9. shirleyanntr

    aids day

    don't know if this is the right place to post is Aids Day worldwide and the latest figures are frightening...i often wonder about the infection rate in Turkey but there are no figures available. Given the amount of tourists from all over the place and the amount of promiscuity that...
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