1. Mushtaq

    Explosion Near Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul

    BREAKING NEWS Explosion in square in Istanbul near the popular touristic area of Sultan Ahmet, reports of casualties..... More to follow.
  2. Mushtaq

    Turkey needs new a constitution - Ahmet Davutoglu

    Reuters) - Incoming Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday that the country needed a new constitution with a liberal character as he set out his vision for Turkey ahead of his expected appointment on Thursday. In a speech to the ruling AK Party of president-elect Tayyip...
  3. Mushtaq

    Ahmet Davutoglu on AlJazeera

    Ahmet Davutoglu Turkey's foreign minister talks about the transformation underway in the Middle East and Turkey's role in the region. As the Middle East undergoes historic transformation and upheaval one country is quietly enjoying levels of prosperity and stability that can only be envied by...
  4. John O' Dreams

    Dreambox and Ahmet Mert

    Is Ahmet Mert in Altinkum reliable? Has he been in business long? I rang his number at 9.30am to arrange Dreambox and someone answered and said "Ahmet sleeping". When I asked what time I should ring back he said "I don't know".
  5. carolk

    Skytv and Ahmet Mert

    I must say a very big thank you to Ahmet. I had a problem with my Sky TV and Ahmet has to be the most patient man on the planet!!! I went in to his shop about 10 times lol. He is a gentleman and his service is second to none. No call out charges ever, its all in with the yearly fee. All is...
  6. geordie_nev

    Ahmet Davutoglu - Newsweek

    There’s a few interesting articles in Newsweek recently featuring Turkey. Two of which features Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Davutoglu is the driving force behind Turkey’s new “self-confident” foreign policy, and has been nick named “Turkey’s Kissinger”. Having followed Turkey for...
  7. C&G

    Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund

    If you know of any bright Turkish student around you please let them know about this wonderful scholarship: Thanks for your interest in introducing St. John's to your friends in Turkey. Here's what you can tell them about the Ertegun Education Fund: The awards are need-based and available to...
  8. A

    ahmet uzun

    hi all, I'm Ahmet Uzun from istanbul. I'm 28 years old and engineer and contractor. you can get more info about me at www.geocities.com/auzun what I would like to share wity yo is villa trade between UK-Turkey. if UK people buys 20000 villas from Turkey every year we will be very grateful to...
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