1. bickern

    EU agrees to cancel pre-accession funds for Turkey

    Members of the European Parliament’s Budget Committee on Sept. 25 agreed to cancel 70 million euros in pre-accession funds earmarked for Turkey on grounds the conditions to improve the rule of law were not met. The committee said the money would be spent on migration programs. “Last November...
  2. A

    Twitter agrees to censorship in Turkiye

    Government agreed with twitter some accounts blocked . This is going to where?
  3. bickern

    Chinese man sues his wife for being ugly, and the court AGREES

    Jian Feng was confused after his wife gave birth to an 'incredibly ugly' baby He accused her of cheating and she admitted to spending £62,000 on plastic surgery, he then claimed she got him to marry her under false pretenses. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But for one man from...
  4. ceemac

    UK Lottery Firm Agrees Canadian Takeover

    British National Lottery operator Camelot is to be sold to a Canadian pension fund for about £389m. Here C
  5. PhilCo

    EU agrees to start Turkey talks

    EU foreign ministers have agreed on a common position to start membership talks with Turkey after Cyprus raised last-minute objections, diplomats say. The agreement came after crisis talks between the Austrian EU presidency and Cyprus on Sunday night and Monday. Cyprus wanted the EU to press...
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