1. butt007

    AGM's, Meetings, etc

    Just been informed by a friend that the Gov. have issued a notice that all assemblies, meetings, AGM's etc. have been postponed for 3 months. Don't know if this means that they are illegal and you are in trouble if you have one or go to one or not? Warren
  2. A

    AGM concerns

    Hello. It will soon be time for our AGM. I have two concerns which I am sure are illegal. One of the owners has said he will act as interpreter at the meeting to save on costs. I am concerned the translation may not be accurate. Is it not law that we need a registered translator? There will...
  3. D

    AGM , who can attend

    If a property on a complex is rented to someone , can the tenant insist on attending the AGM even if the owner of the accommodation attends the AGM and doesnt want the tenants to attend ? i have looked on the condominium law but cant find anything on this matter . Thanks
  4. S

    Invitees AGM

    Hi. We are closing in to our AGM and wnat to establish big changes this year. We have required the managing companies who are interested to make quotations / offers to us in the board in order to prepare the owners and give them a chance to make up their mind or if they not can participate in...
  5. J

    Community Annual Meetings - Options

    A few years ago, I remember some talk of a Sitesi in Akbuk holding their community AGM in the UK: Is this allowed as long as the majority of owners agree and its undertaken under Turkish Law e.g. That the decision book is completed and notarised? Also is it possible to undertake postal voting...
  6. W

    AGM necessitities

    Can anyone please advise as to what the legal requirements are for an AGM to be acceptable in Turkish law. I am very au fait with what the process and procedures would be in the UK/ USA/ Australia/Spain but my experiences in Turkey have led me to assume that the minimal requirements are very...
  7. J

    Advance Notification Of AGM Meetings?

    We have just been given 24 hours notice to say our AGM is tomorrow. There are quite a few of us who can not attend due to the fact we were only given 24 hours notice . If they get the correct quorum and the meeting goes ahead can we say that the meeting is null and void as we weren't given...
  8. B

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort - AGM

    Hello, I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the forthcoming AGM at Tuzla Park lake resort. I have emailed them but no response and its been 8 working days. 1. what is the agenda for the meeting? and who decides 2. I wanted to know how the voting system works when you have multiple...
  9. C

    Tuzla park agm

    I have been informed that the a.g.m for 2013 is on 5th or 7th we have already booked for this period I know that there will be a decent amount of us there for the meeting. Anyone not able to attend should contact emrag for a proxy vote form and pass it to one of the English owners...
  10. D

    AGM and proxy vote ?

    how many proxy votes can one member carry ? i.e. if some people cant attend the agm and have to give their proxy vote to a member who is attending , how many proxy votes can the attending member carry ? thanks
  11. J

    AGM and Proxy Voting

    Hi there. Can anyone please tell me how people an attending owner can represent at an AGM or Emergency AGM by way of proxy votes? Many thanks.
  12. J

    AGM Meeting And People Who Rent

    If people rent there properties out are the people who are tennants allowed to attend and vote on issues at AGM meetings or should it be the owner of the property.
  13. M

    Does AGM have to be held in Turkey?

    Hi. Can anybody advise if the annual AGM has to be held in Turkey? Thanks
  14. W

    Royal Heights AGM

    Hi All The first 'proper' RH AGM is scheduled for 2nd June 2012 . All Royal Heights owners by now should have received an email regarding AGM with proxy attachments. (if you do not have this, let me know) We need to build on the momentum gained by FCC & Turquoise EGMs,(well done guys) so if...
  15. T

    Agm egm

    Can anyone help me please. At our complex we there was an AGM in September 2010 (the Management Plan states that the AGM is to be held annually in September/October). Some things were not done legally at the AGM and there was another meeting in May 2011 and some things were voted on to put the...


    hI Pearl Rockers Those of you whose email addresses i have ive sent you an email regarding setting up a committee to run the site. If you haven;t received an email , please contact me so i can forward it on to you thankyou eve
  17. E

    fcc agm 2011

    did anyone hear how agm went yesterday ? i was unable to attend
  18. D

    Sitesi AGM

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but been searching and getting nowhere. Can anyone tell me what percentage of votes is required to make amendments to site fees etc. Thanks
  19. J

    Date For AGM Sitesi Meetings

    Could anyone who owns a property on a Sitesi tell me how they get notified about the date of thier AGM meeting also how long in advance prior to the meeting do you get notified. I believe the law says you should be notified 15 days before but not sure.For years we have just had a piece of...
  20. J

    Accounts For Sitesi At AGM

    Do any of you who own properties on a sitesi ever see the accounts.At our last three AGM meetings we have asked for coppies of the accounts but for some reason have never been given them.The only thing the site manager gave us after asking many times for was a peice of paper which she had...
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