1. S

    Reliable estate agent in Alanya

    Which estate agents are reliable to sell my property in Tosmur
  2. gam101

    Real Estate agent references

    Loaded with inquiries today! :28: Could someone please recommend reliable (with an emphasis on trustworthy) real estate agents in the Beylikduzu/Esenyurt/Avcilar area please? Much obliged!
  3. F

    Honest Estate Agent

    Oxymoron? Perhaps but, I'm after as an honest an estate agent as I can get in Fethiye to help us sell our apartment for us. Can anyone help, pls.? Estate agents need not reply.
  4. A

    Urgent help, agent not returning my deposit

    Hi, I'm in Istanbul, dealt with this agency for month, Remax in Atasehir, Metin in the owner, he is refusing to return my deposit because I didn't agree on the lower price of the sale, the reason is to avoid paying taxes. Now he claims I'm the one who cancelling the sale as a result he is...
  5. R

    Estate Agent in Dalyan

    I know this is a very subjective quetion but i am looking to buy a villa in Dalyan, initially for holidays and to rent out but then to move out in 4 years, we have stayed there many times and have also done a long term rental, are there any estate agents people would recommend and any to avoid...
  6. gally

    Manavgat Estate Agent

    Hi Can anyone tell me the name & address of an english speaking agent in Manavgat thanks. Not Side, I already know of some there. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. dearsley

    Customs agent

    Hi Everyone, does anyone know a customs agent who operates at the Istanbul customs? I just need someone to liaise with customs and check I have the right paperwork. I'm bringing some stuff (household goods) from UK by lorry via Edirne buit they seem to want to go to Istanbul NOT customs in Izmir...
  8. C

    Trying to locate Kim (Ayar) estate agent

    This is a bit of a shot in the dark but I am trying to find Kim Ayar who used to work for "Select Bodrum Property", a company which it appears is no longer in business. I lost touch with her a few years ago. If anyone has any information regarding where she is now working or an email address /...
  9. Leo

    Who usually pays the Estate Agent ?

    Hi Everyone, Simple question - who usually pays the Estate Agent fees in the sale of a Turkish property. I am currently being told it is usually the buyer - as the Estate Agent does all the work for them - inc, transfer of utilities, preparing the inventory of fixtures and fittings, obtaining...
  10. G

    Trustworthy Estate Agent Needed

    Hi Side This is the 2nd time I have posted on this forum. Found this forum very helpful & informative. I own an apartment in Olive Grove in Side but live in Ireland. I am looking to sell it but I understand the selling market is slow in side at present. I am happy to rent the property until...
  11. A

    Anyone recommend estate agent?

    Hi, Currently using Key Holders estate agents but today had two people say I should sell my apartment with someone anyone else but them. Does anyone have any experience of keyholders estate agents? Anyone recommend a good estate agent in Fethiye? Thanks
  12. W

    Turkish home office estate agent

    Hi everyone. I'm coming over to Didim on Sat to view some apartments. I have been in contact with the above mentioned and wondered if anyone else on here has had any dealings with them good or bad. Thank you
  13. stmary

    Which agent would you choose to sell your property

    Which agent would you recommend to sell your property , there are loads up the market streets , of Altinkum ... but which one would you not touch We have read all sorts what agents have got up to ,so please lets have all your imput honestly and truthful ...
  14. S

    Can you sell apartment without an Estate Agent?

    Hi my friend wants to sell his apartment as he has only been to it twice in the 8 years he has owned it. I am currently in Turkey and mentioned it to the pool man who knows someone who is interested. They have been to have a look and are wanting to make an offer. Is it possible to sell...
  15. G

    Estate Agent - Gumusluk?

    We'd like to get our house valued with a view to putting it on the market later this year or early next year. We've had over 10 years of holidays, some great family times and a few adventures! Time to move on though..... I've seen some good feedback re PPS but as we want a couple of quotes can...
  16. P

    recomend letting agent

    Hi can any one recomend letting agent to let out and look after my apt. in antalya would pref. some one who you have used and been happy with rather than i no someone who new someone let me say thanks in advance to any one who can help
  17. K

    Estate agent Bodrum area

    Hi all Willing to sell an apartment in Bodrum. Can someone recommend me a real estate agent in this area? Thanks a lot. Kian
  18. C

    Estate agent marmaris

    hi can any one help me. Is there a estate agent at this address as follows. ismet Kamil mer cad no 20/2 marmaris tel 00902524177083 5434848481 if anyone has any dealings with them any help would be appreciated. thanks
  19. F

    Emlak/Estate Agent Belek Area

    Hi Folks, I am looking to seel my 2Bed/3Story Villa near Belek. I intend visiting some estate agenbts when I am over in June. but does anyone have any recent dealings or recommendations they can offer in advance ? Rgs foxyboy
  20. 4rickshaw

    Estate agent vanished...l have no Tapu

    Hi all. My ex wife and myself bought a 560 sq mtr plot of land in Akbuk 10 years ago. The estate agent Bulent Bozok (Billy) we found out later owed the taxman money and we were unable to get our Tapu until the debt was cleared. Since then he has disappeared from his business (Turquoise Homes...
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