1. K

    Debt Collection Agency in Bodrum

    HI Its been a while since my last post on here. I was wondering if anyone knew a debt collection service in Bodrum. Method not important as been through the legal system and it failed miserably. Any help would be appreciated. Still owed 100 K after being riped off by a turkish con man.Thanks
  2. Firefox

    CIA Central Interrogation Agency

    All of us coloured skinned non white people in the world knew the dirty tricks cunning modus de operand of the CIA. No else knew Till Today!!!!!!!!?????? What a surprise The Government Senators home security army navy and police suddenly found out that CIA were killing torturing murdering and...
  3. M

    Estate Agency fees for selling / buying

    Needing some advice, folks about what is a reasonable cost for selling / buying an apartment. In the Alanya area A family member wanted to sign over their apartment to me - but in Turkey, you cannot do this, it has to go down as a full sale - a buyer and a seller. The Belediye value of the...
  4. abba

    Marmaris Recruitment Agency

    Has any forum member had a positive experience using this agency for job hunting. The registration fee seems a bit dear at 39.99 pounds per year but if it leads to a positive result it may be worth it. Before I proceed would appreciate any input from Forum Members.
  5. Mushtaq

    UK Border Agency to be scrapped and work split in two

    The “troubled” UK Border Agency is to be scrapped and split into two parts reporting directly to the Home Office, Theresa May has announced. She told MPs that the organisation, which has faced damning criticism since its creation in 2008, will be divided into sections dealing with the visa...
  6. Kingfisher

    Cappadocian Travel Agency recruits

    Well-known travel agency in Cappadocia recruits candidate speaking English and French and preferably another language (Spanish, Portugese, Japanese ...) Bed and board, work permit and residence permit. PM me for details.
  7. shirleyanntr

    news agency for women opens

    lets hope that this news agency for women gets the support it needs and women get a voice in this country. something needs to be done to stop the regression and quickly as i see storm clouds ahead with the new constitution English :: J?NHA - Turkey's First Women's News Agency: - Bianet
  8. Freedom 49

    Child support agency fİnally see the light

    I was looking through a pal's copy of The Sun last week whilst I was up in Kuşadası and this headline caught my eye. I divorced in Britain back in 1988, at the time my husband made an undertaking to pay 65 pound/week child support. He didn't make any payments but 3yrs later, my lawyer managed...
  9. W

    UK Border Agency

    I have recently been asked for my passport details by Aegean Flights. They claim that the UK Border Agency require this from all uk citizens now. Has anyone else been required to give their details???
  10. H

    new travel agency

    new travel and daily tours agency open in gundogan opposite to coach station
  11. M

    Turkish tourism agency incur losses with Israeli cancelations.

    In todays hurriyet Daily Newspaper is an article under economic review regarding tourist cancelled holidays booking due to recent troubles Do you think that with the Turkish Goverment views turning away from being pro- western, And going more to being pro Iranian etc, Will euorpean tourist stop...
  12. M

    Solutions Agency

    Can anyone recommend this agent for Property Insurance who has dealt with them personally for a claim, we are thinking of using them to insure our property. mo
  13. S

    agency fees

    more advice plese Is it common practice for the buyer to pay the sellers fees,my solicitor found out day before signing that £5000 of what i thought was purchase price is in fact sellers fees, added to this my fees[for which they have charged me 3% of the full amount!] im really peeved that...
  14. C

    Bodrum Estate Agency & Risus Properties in Kadikalesi

    Did anyone purchase a property through Bodrum Estate Agency, owned by a Brit by the name of Gill? The business has since gone under about a year ago now. The actual agent moved on to another agency in Yalikavak and is still in contact sometime. We bought two properties in Kadikalesi in the...
  15. S

    British Travel Agency

    There are branch offices of Russian or German Travel Agencies in Antalya. I would like to know if there are travel agencies only work for British market and/or originally from Britain.. Thanks a lot..
  16. KKOB

    1st Lonely Heart for No-nem's Agency

    See if you can find her a Turkish toy-boy No-nem. She's only got £150,000 in the bank so I know you might struggle to find the boy of her dreams.
  17. D

    BereketVillas estate agency

    Has anyone had any dealings with his company I would love to hear from you and what has been your experience with them. Has anyone heard of them????
  18. P

    Info on buying costs through an agency?

    Info on buying costs in Turkey (Altinkum) through an agency Hello, I am thinking about purchasing an apartment in Altinkum or some where close to a resort. Questions i need to find out first as this is all new to me...i have done alot of reading on the internet but just get confused.. 1...
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