1. T

    Jeez! Arrested, imprisoned all in one afternoon

    For a 'Breach of the Peace'?! Where's that happened? - Russia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China etc etc? No, to our Shame; it's England, 26th May 2018! Why haven't we all heard about this in the news? Because the Judge slapped a UK Gagging order on the case! It's rumoured that the...
  2. Andy

    Good Morning, afternoon or evening

    Hi this thread is for all the members that just want to come in and say hello without putting on a video, iv'e often clicked on the Good Morning thread to say hi but found lots of videos & i can't upload videos so thought i would start a new one. So it's a Good Morning from me here in the UK...
  3. B

    Bingo and Quiz afternoon.

    A couple of hours with friends last week, short quiz followed by a few games of bingo. Looking forward to this weeks session, 2 o'clock at the Agora.
  4. Yalides

    View from ours this afternoon

    Views across to Kalymnos and Leros from our roof terrace this afternoon. Lets see all your views guys.
  5. Yalides

    Afternoon lunch at Elma restaurant.

    Lovely afternoon sat in the sun. Not hot but warm.
  6. perfect1949

    what a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon

    today out of the blue i was invited to a BQ with some friends anna and tony , and david and lynne . after the BQ we went to watch the man u and lpool game at sandima bar excellent day. sorry you are all going back to the uk tomorrow but i hope to see you all again next year . so what did all...
  7. M

    Good afternoon.

    My husband and I have just "re-registered" under our new forum name of "meandhim", but had only just joined a couple of days earlier under a different name ( dont ask...its a long story :slapme: ) we only did 3 posts, but hope to do a lot more now and look forward to "meeting" the regulars! We...
  8. GnD

    University lectures to start in afternoon

    Today's Daily Telegraph states university lecturers are to postpone lectures until the afternoon so students actually turn up. This hopefully will mean fewer missed classes and hopefully numbers of stundents droppping out will reduce! Also, even repeating lectures in the evening for students...
  9. Struggs

    My afternoon visitor

    Well this little lad (could be female don't know), has been visiting my garden nightly with his mum the past 2yrs, but appeared in the garden this afternoon obviously AWOL. At one stage I stood perfectly still and he came up, sniffed my toe and promptly bit it, boy did that hurt, sharp little...
  10. Ms Who

    Afternoon Concert.........

    Theres a group of people over in Sinatras Bar (spitting distance from the office). They are in possession of a guitar and are having a singalong (proper harmonising, not your normal drunken slurry type singalong!!) Currently playing the Eagles - all in all a very pleasant afternoon :-)
  11. jellybean

    Dust and noise on a summers afternoon

    I remember a time when in summer almost all building work stopped. This year no one seems to care even the council have continued with the road building. Maybe they should all remember this when next year they are wondering where the tourists are once again. Maybe a little less speed and greed...
  12. CrescentHomes

    Altinkum - Was raining in the afternoon

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