1. S

    ARM CONSTRUCTION LTD- have you been affected?

    Hi all, I am looking for people who have paid money to this company for property for which they never received a tapu, money was borrowed on the property and you have since lost the property or if you were one of those who in an effort to salvage something from this fiasco paid over another...
  2. O

    Turkish people affected by Parkinson's

    I would like to identifying a few people affected by Parkinson's and interviewing them using a short questionnaire in regards to some basic resources on Parkinson's.
  3. D

    this is previous but........volcano affected flights

    As the summer comes so does the spectre of affected flights due to volcanic dust. İ am booked with Flythomascook for 17th june and i wonder how people got on last time if they had to ask for a refund due to cancellation?--i am going the other way so not really bothered to miss the(ash affected)...
  4. P

    How has the Recession affected you?

    We have a Kitchen Fitting company and, at the begining of the year, we thought it was going to be a bit lean on the work front meaning that we might have more time to tour in our new motorhome. Well that hasn't happened. We actually got ONE WEEK! The rest of the time we have been booked solid...
  5. lorraine

    Reforms will not be affected by EU talks

    PM Erdoğan: Reforms will go on, with or without EU Monday, October 3, 2005 The prime minister says no matter what the EU decision on Turkey’s membership talks, the reforms on democratization, rights and freedoms would be implemented as Ankara, instead of Copenhagen, criteria if necessary...
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