1. R

    FCO Advice

    Well as if things couldn’t get much worst, see the latest information below from the FCO. “On 23 October the U.S. Embassy in Turkey issued a warning to US citizens of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against US citizens and foreign nationals in Istanbul, as well as potentially other...
  2. A89

    electrical advice pls

    I know this isnt anything to do with Turkey but would someone please give me advice on this? This is an outside light that hasnt worked for years and I'd like to take it down. Some of the wires visible there are to another motion activated light, the one I want to remove has been hanging off the...
  3. S

    Advice please - Bozöğrü and Atakent areas

    Hi we have started looking at areas to buy a villa and were originally looking in Fethiye area but are widening our search. We liked the look of some of the villas at Hillside and the complexes in the Bozöğrü and Atakent areas near Dalaman. I'd really appreciate if it any of you could give me...
  4. S

    VPN advice please

    Is it good to install VPN on my android phone. I often get recommendation to install. What are the benefits. Is it really necessary? ? Thanks in advance.
  5. N

    Health Advice

    Hi im pretty sure that i have developed a kidney infection. The left side of my lower back is very sore and makes it hard to breathe and move around. Ive had one about 30 years ago. We are in a Turkish area on holiday and ive no idea where the doctors are. The infections are usually treated...
  6. S

    Citizens advice kusadsdi

    Hello, please can anyone advise my wife and I ,where to start the process of residency permits in Kusadasi, can the citizens advice help us through the process, or does anyone know someone who can help us through it, don't mind if a fee is required, I worry about thing too much, and any help...
  7. S

    Any advice welcome

    Hi, we are looking to buy a property in Turkey firstly for holidays and then retirement in a couple of years.. we love Side and our daughter and her partner love Belek and Antalya.. looking for advice on areas between Antalya and Side to start the house hunt!!! We want something detached with a...
  8. A89

    medical treatment advice

    Firstly I apologise for the long story but I'm in a bit of a pickle and need a bit of advice and support from you lovely lot. For the last few months (after years of taking increasing amounts of antacids) I've been having treatment at the Yaşam Hastane in Alanya for some stomach problems...
  9. A

    Winter Rental Advice

    Hi I am considering a move to Dalyan from the UK. Initially I am thinking to rent somewhere for 6 months over the winter (October to March/April) to get the experience of the town at that time having been there frequently in summer I would be looking for a 2 bed apartment or small villa and...
  10. A89

    Help/ Advice

    Hi guys I'm needing some information on a range of subjects and after pondering how best to put it all decided the easiest way is to write out a list of questions in the hope that anyone that knows anything about any of the subjects will reply with their knowledge, opinion or experiences. I'll...
  11. J

    Newbie in need of advice

    Hi All total newbie to site. Looking for lots of answers too so many questions, but basics first. Looking at selling up in UK and buying an apartment in or around Side, Holidayed in the area 2/3 times each year for last 5 years (visited other areas in the last 20 odd years) but so much...
  12. S

    residency advice

    Hello, I know there is a full post about getting your residency permits,but my wife and I are very much hoping to come and stay later next year,as we have a lovely wee apartment, but I would love to hear from anyone who has recently got there permits in Kusadasi, where to go to Apply, Cost, How...
  13. yalimart

    Sky Q Advice.

    Looking for information on Sky Q, we currently don't have sky anything and use BT TV inc the UHD BT sports channels. We are looking to move and the property we fancy isn't served by a great broadband signal although the cabinet is fibre activated we would be too far to benefit and estimates are...
  14. P

    New member looking for advice

    We holiday very regularly in Calis and Olu Deniz and are very much hoping that we can plan a longer term residency in Calis once we retire in a few years time. Ideally we hope to purchase a house but will look to rent for the first few months before committing ourselves fully. I am really...
  15. L

    Advice for buying off plan

    After many years of renting we have found a small Villa that we would like to offer on. It is part of a small complex of 10 villas being built and is for sale via Engles and Volker. Can anyone share their advice on buying off plan ? What did you negotiate into the deal ? Did you negotiate on...
  16. B

    2 years expired on my car, advice needed

    Hi everybody, Looking for some advice. When we came into Turkey in March 2016 with car, my passport was stamped with a small picture of a car and dated 1/3/2018. No problem with that and it was the change in the law which allowed you to have a UK registered car in Turkey for 2 years. However...
  17. Leo

    Looking for local advice

    Morning All, My wife & I have recently made the permanent move to Turkey. We have our apartment in Side, but are planning to buy a house soon, probably on the West coast. We are currently touring around in an old campervan we drove over from the UK, enjoying the sun & retirement etc, whilst...
  18. S

    Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

    Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs. My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange...
  19. J

    Advice neede: Military Searches for a Tapu

    Finally, my duplex will have a Tapu ready for me in August after 6 years of waiting. The owner said he had to renew the permission of the Military Search because the old one has expired. I asked him for a notarised copy of the permission, he replied back saying there's no paper copy, they only...
  20. V

    Merhaba! Nasılsın? Looking for advice!

    Merhaba adım Vonnie. Ingilizim ve türkçe öğreniyorum. 🤗 My Brother erkek kardeş has just got engaged (nişanlılar) to a wonderful Turkish lady. I'm so happy and would like to welcome her to our family by gifting a takı. I was wondering what would be a nice gift? Teşekkürler Gürüşurüz Vonnie
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