1. A

    Adverts on Turkish Living Forum

    Surely it cannot just be me? I spend more time hitting the X button and saying why I do not want to see the very many adverts on this site than I do reading the posts. Very annoying, especially the ones that come back time and time again, despite the fact that when I say I have no interest in...
  2. S

    Forum adverts

    Now I keep getting adverts for chainsaws along the top of the screen when viewing TLF What the hells that all about?
  3. oldfogy

    Christmas adverts 'ALREADY'

    Yep, this was written today, Boxing day 2014 and I just saw on the TV my first advert for 'NEXT' Christmas for PARK. Obviously not being interested in it I didn't take much notice, but think it was for their Christmas hampers.
  4. MiddleEarth

    Don't Track Us

    Don't Track Us A photo-filled romp through the hazards of traking on the Internet... You know all those ads following you around the Internet? They're from online tracking. (p.s. watch for the links on the page and you can safely click on the images, they are links leading to more...
  5. T

    Tax Credit Adverts!

    Should people who are supposed to be 'reliant' on Tax Credit, need the incessant reminders the Gov put out on TV adverts? The Gov do (I'm told) send out annual postal reminders to current recipients! Why the heck do they need an extra reminder? P's me off personally Big time every time I see...
  6. shirleyanntr

    alcohol adverts law comes into effect

    Last year the new Laws on alcohol were passed regarding advertising and using products which advertised know the type... glasses with efes or other beer stamped on ..other promotional stuff logos etc neon signs there was an outcry and so a years grace was given..and nothing...
  7. paddington bear

    All alcohol adverts to banned in Turkey?

    I have just heard from one of our local bar owners that as from the end of May all advertising of alcohol is banned from bars/restaurants and they all have to get rid of or cover over any advertising We will be all sat in the sun, no parasols, a lot of the bar furniture has EFES on so no tables...
  8. S

    Forum adverts

    I would like to know how adverts are placed on the side of the forum Are these ads totally random or is there some connection to the viewer Reason I ask is every time I log onto Tlf now I get adverts for "" on the left side of the page. Bit off putting seeing photos of these...
  9. Mushtaq

    kitchen spam adverts -

    If I was looking to buy a kitchen in the UK, the last company I would contact would be I would not trust a company who resorts to spamming the internet to get business. This company has been spamming this and other forums for a while and should be blacklisted. The number...
  10. S

    flashing adverts

    Hi Help Can anyone do anything about the adverts that are at the left side of every page on the forum. Its making my reading a nightmare as its constantly flashing (no rude comments please). Its enough to bring on epilepsy. I cant continue to read much more of the wonderful comments that are...
  11. M


    If I click on someone's name, or even my own, although I get the page come up, I also get frigging annoying adverts splashed right across them - and they do not go away. I have tried right clicking, but nothing happens. Anyone know how to get rid of these? Maisie
  12. bickern

    adverts from the past that would never be allowed today

    They're incredible by today's standards, but once upon a time these adverts were perfectly acceptable. From an ad that claims smoking is healthy to one telling mothers they should give Coca-Cola to their babies, these shocking posters give a fascinating insight into a time gone by. One even...
  13. Mushtaq

    Should we allow more adverts on TLF?

    Should there me facility for more advert type of posts? As TLF gets more and more popular we are getting lot of small businesses like bars, restaurants handymen etc. wanting to advertise their services and events on the forum to let people know about them. At the moment only paid banner...


    OK, here's another one for your lokes and dislikes. What is your favourite and your most hated adverts? My most hated one , and i have to put it on mute, is the Go Compare, Go Compare Aghhhhhh, it drives me up the wall. I like the one where the babies are laughing {can't remember what it is...
  15. KKOB

    Scarey Old Adverts

    It's amazing how adverts have changed since we became PC . The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time
  16. KKOB

    Favourite Turkish TV Adverts

    Does anyone know the name of the actor playing the car owner? He seems to be the "face of the moment" on Turkish TV Ads. Dailymotion - Hamam : Chery Reklam - Film ve TV Kanal?@@AMEPARAM@@
  17. KKOB

    Funny Newspaper Adverts

    It's said that the Internet will be the death of newspapers and recent figures have shown a huge decline in sales. Adverts like this are one of the things that I'll miss.
  18. Akasya

    Stupid adverts

    Does anyone get the " arrrsse " with stupid adverts, just watched one for a product that has " intelligent stain seekers " what tosh. My shirts are covered with stupid stains cos i am a clumsy eater. Will it get unintelligent stains out. Peurile rubbish. Steve.
  19. Martyn

    Adverts or donations to fund the forum

    Following a thread about the number of adverts on the forum I thought I would conduct a poll. It's clear the forum costs money to run, I know I've done it and one of this sort of bandwidth and performance doesn't come cheap. So vote what you think.
  20. peter the postie

    Badly placed adverts

    Some real beauties here :lol:
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