1. Kalkan regular

    Is your rental home being advertised against your knowledge?

    We advertise with ownersdirect and hollidaylettings. We have found that our home is being advertised by the company Retreats Direct as are quite a number of other properties belonging to others in our development and town. We advertise with ownersdirect and hollidaylettings and it looks like the...
  2. Yalides

    Advertised 50cl efes prices

    In Yalikavak so far the advertised efes 50CL bottle prices we have seen so far are... Key`f 4TL Alma 5TL Morgul 5TL Dede 6TL Mojitos 6TL Do add to the list so we all know what everyone is charging to date. Nothing to do with food quality or situation.
  3. ceemac

    Advertised Book on TLF

    I've just noticed this book advertised on the TLF homepage, "Engineering Societies in the Agents World by Oguz Dikenelli". Now the title, apart from being gobbledegook to me, would kind of force me into walking quickly past it should I see it on a bookshelf - and when one reads the blurb...
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