1. E

    Sale of homes and who can advertise them

    By the look of this report all renting and home sales can only be done by the an emlak or the owner ,no adverts in shops cafes etc fines up to 10000 Tl for any one making the advert . Sat?l?k-kiral?k yazanlara 10 bin TL ceza - Cumhuriyet Ekonomi Haberleri
  2. A

    Good websites to advertise properties for holiday rentals?

    Can anyone recommend good websites to capture the English, German, Scandinavian etc. tourist to rent apartments/villas? Would like to advertise on a number of sites to engage with as many countries/guest as possible.
  3. U

    Where can I advertise? Is TLF a good place to do it?

    Hello, We are starting a new business in Ortakent so I was wondering if the ads on the left handside of the forum is any interest to anyone. Because I never look at them myself I wonder if it's just me or do people actually look at them? I hope this will not make anyone angry, I'm just trying...
  4. Bubskar

    Save time - just advertise

    I was on an airport transfer in the early hours this morning when about 20 young girls came through going to Marmaris. They all had the same T shirts on emblazoned with "Turkey '09 Totty" It made me smile - these younguns haven't got time for the slow romantic approach - time's too valuable to...
  5. V

    New rental website - Free to advertise on.

    Hi all Just wanted to post a link to this website as its been launched as a platform to advertise rental properties free of charge - no fee, commission etc. It's - a good friend of mine has set it up so I know there's nothing dodgy about it. Hope this is ok to...
  6. L

    How To Advertise

    Are any of you having much luck with renting? Can you recommend the best methods to advertise? Lynd
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