1. D

    Turkish Residency - Advantages and Disadvantages

    In light of the 2010 increase in residency prices for UK citizens in Turkey, I thought it would be good to summarize the benefits of having a residency permit. There is already a thread similar to this (
  2. B

    Advantages of Buying abroad

    Our daughter and her husband have just booked 2 weeks in June for Marmaris (Flight and Hotel) for £249.00 each. That includes transfer to the resort. That set us thinking... We paid £230.00 each to Bodrum Airport for 2 weeks in May. We then have to find a further £30.00 (one way) for our...
  3. shirleyanntr

    the advantages of Turkeys geo-political position

    the following is part of an editorial comment in The Turkish Journal ....will an EU without Turkey gain in terms of energy if Turkey says 'no' to the EU? Would it be more powerful in international politics? Turkey is the country that carries Caucasian oil to the Mediterranean with the...
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