1. bickern

    Every adult is now an organ donor - UK

    The new legislation is known as 'Max and Keira's law' after the death of nine-year-old Keira Ball saved the life of Max Johnson, also nine, and three other people. Patients awaiting transplants have hailed a 'game-changing' new law which from today means that every adult is automatically...
  2. J

    (adult) shops or stores in Marmaris

    Are there (adult) shops or stores in Marmaris? if yes, where can I find them?
  3. N

    wanted adult 3 wheel bike

    wated adult three wheel bıke for elderly person thank you
  4. D

    Brand new Adult tricycle for sale

    I bought a new tricycle from Migros just over two weeks ago to discover I am finding it too difficult with my dodgy hip and back! So I am selling it - I paid 700tl for it which is the going rate now, and will throw in a new heavy chain and padlock and rubber wheel lock for any reasonable offer...
  5. jenifer

    Adult Humour/Funnies

  6. jenifer

    Adult Humour?

    I got these post card copies from an old school friend in New Zealand and I thought I would share them with the TLF. If you find them non PC I am sorry but I find them funny. I apologise in advance for the 3 back to back posts. Ron
  7. B

    4 Adult nappies - free to collector

    If you know of someone maybe a neighbour, friend or disabled person who may be able to use these please send me a PM. There are 4 left in the packet. FREE to whoever wishes to COLLECT them from Gumbet. Make; Euron form Size; medium Packet shows 2 tear marks for absorbancy.
  8. C

    Adult education in Turkey

    Hi guys, Am STILL researching the best place to move in Turkey! Thanks for answering my questions so far. Now I am wondering if there are any places where I can study as an adult. In English (would like to learn Turkish but it may take a while!). I was thinking about doing a beautician's...
  9. Akasya

    Beware X rated Adult Content

    Today i posted an old childrens nursery rhyme : Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can; Pat it and ***** it and mark it with a 'B', And put it in the oven for Baby and me. I subsequently discovered that the word pri[k was parsed and converted to stars. Can we...
  10. N

    2 Adult English Cats looking for a new home.

    We are 2 English brothers, who desperatly need a kind ,prefably English,new loving home. We have both been sterilized, innoculated, etc. We are 8 years old and very loving.unfortunately our owner is returning to the uk in october. We would prefer to stay in the Akbuk area, as we like the quiet...
  11. F

    A tabu question! (Adult)

    Never mind ;D
  12. gerald

    Nick Campbell - includes adult swear words

    Beware Adult swear words included in clip YouTube -
  13. gerald

    Adult theme......

    Remember Where's Wally? This is similar but Homer Simpson: . . . . | | V
  14. Mushtaq

    Adult Jokes section Locked

    I have locked the Adult Jokes section now. To get access to that section, please either send me an email or post your request in this thread.
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