1. Neil_Denizli

    Best ADSL?

    Anyone had any decent recommendation for unlimited ADSL? Any good deals right now?
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Best ADSL Deals?

    Anyone have any recommendations for the current best offers on unlimted, fast ADSL Internet? Thinking of changing my provider ...
  3. N

    ADSL wireless modem router

    ADSL wireless modem router as new hardly used with 5 Ethernet cable point 120 TL didim or £30
  4. E

    Vodafone’dan evlere Telefonsuz ADSL!

    Does anyone know anything about this Vodafone’dan evlere Telefonsuz ADSL? Does it still need a line in like the Turk Telekom one? Telefonsuz ADSL | Vodafone Net: Bireysel – Vodafone
  5. M

    3g vs adsl

    Hi everyone. New to this forum, so please bear with me if I make a mistake. Looking to settle in Didim for a few years.. Have got an apartment organised, but am struggling with the internet. The only option appears to be 3g dongle, unless the owner puts an adsl boadband in the apartment. Can...
  6. immac

    Tooway ADSL

    I am getting fed up with TTnet. Looking for alternatives I see Tooway is offering satellite based ADSL in Turkey. Has anyone got this system? Or anything comparable? Tooway Türkiye - Purchase Standard Ian
  7. S

    internet enquiry H

    Hi folks we are buying a flat in Tosmur, Alanya. We wish to use the net mainly to stream UK tv via Slingbox from our UK home. We need at least 3Gb reliable speed with no stupid data limet or cost. This is to try and avoid having to put "Joggul Bank" on the roof to get Sky!!! Can anyone help...
  8. E

    TTnett Tivibu TV ADSL phone

    Has anyone tried the TTnet packet for TV phone and ADSL? If so what do you think of it? Can you change the language on foreign channels like you can with Digiturk?
  9. Helenm150

    Applying for ADSL in Turgutreis

    Can anyone tell me - do you still need to go into Bodrum to apply for ADSL or can you now apply in Turgutreis? Many thanks, Helen
  10. V

    ADSL Offer

    Anyone on the TTNet unilimited 55TL a month package can get it reduced to 39.90TL a month for the next year if they agree to stay with them for 2 years. Bottom line is a saving of over 180TL over the next 12 months for the same package as you're already on! The price for the 2nd year is 59TL a...
  11. M

    StarCom ADSL Router replace with Netgear DG834G

    Good morning. The StarCom is partially working perhaps as a result of a powerpack burnout &/or lightning strike. From the StarCom I have revealed the User Name and Password. I have input the User Name and Password to the DG834G and changed to PPPoE. The laptop connects to the DG834G. The DG834G...
  12. immac

    ADSL Speeds in Fethiye

    Up to last weekend I was getting 5Mbs, Since Wednesday it is never above 2.6Mbs. Is anyone else having similar reduction in speed? My computer guy is going through the TTnet phone support to try to deal with it but they say "No problem" at their end, so far. Ian

    TTNett ADSL campaign.

    TTNett,are running a campaign now for half price internet for 5 months.We currently pay 55tl a month,but today i went into the local TTNett shop & asked about the offer & was immediately offered the 25tl deal. At present we pay via the bank with a d/d,but i will go in on Monday & cancel it & pay...
  14. Squeaky

    ADSL dropping connection

    Good Morning: My ADSL drops or goes screwy whenever anyone calls me on my land line. It can be working well, yes, it sometimes actually does work, but as soon as the phone is used the connection drops and the only thing that will get it going again seems to be to turn it off and on again. Is...
  15. Gill

    Fix ADSL in Yalikavak

    Can anyone tell me who is the best person/company to call to fix ADSL line and Internet problem in Yalikavak. Thanks
  16. N

    Excessive TTNET ADSL Charges

    Hi all, please can anyone help? For around the last 6 months my internet bills have been way above what they usually are. I am on the limited usage costing around 29tl per month. Don't do any downloading and rarely watch anything streaming. Have been paying around 56tl (which is more than the...
  17. N

    Current ADSL & Phone Charges

    can some one tell me the charges a month for internet and phone pls
  18. Bubskar

    ADSL advice needed

    I share a wireless connection with my Turkish neighbours. It was their idea to share the signal and the cost. They have the standard 4GB 8Mbps for 31 lira a month and I contribute 15 lira a month. I really need some advice about useage. I use the computer almost every day for something...
  19. V

    ADSL Needed

    We need an ADSL connection In Datca. Can anyone recommend a company and do you know the monthly fees? Rgds Jeroen
  20. immac

    ADSL Upgrade?

    TTNet is offering attractive packages to new subscribers ( TTNET // Hello Fast Internet! ) with up to 8Mbps, but I can't see how, as an existing customer on the 1Mbps package, I can upgrade. It specifically excludes existing customers. Anyone looked into it and found a way in? Ian
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