1. arrian

    Adrian Childs

    i'm not a footie fan, but my hubby has been watching the matches, so i can't escape it! but i can't believe how boring Adrian Childs is making the talks about the world cup!!! and he's supposedly so good!
  2. tinkycarol

    Adrian Chiles 'beard' - like it?

    Have just watched The One Show on BBC1 7pm. I am fascinated by Adrian Chiles stubble/beard. Do you like it or not? Wondering if he is having a mid-life crisis or trying to jazz up his image after Christine blew him out and got together with Frank Lampard? I think it quite suits him so long...
  3. gordion

    for ADRIAN LEIGH from gordion travel

    hı Adrian ı got your email about airport transfer and ı mailed to you 2 times.can you let me know your mobille number hı Adrian thanks for the mail. from bodrum airport 9 seats shuttle bus 50 pounds or vip minibus 85 pounds from izmir airport 9 seats shuttle bus 65 pounds or vip minibus 90...
  4. A

    Matt and Adrian saying hello

    Hi everyone. Just finding my way round this excellent web site. We have spent many holidays in Crete which is a great place and also Malta, which we find nice but it could do with some decent roads! We are both Welsh but have been based in Stoke On Trent for the past 4 years. We are hoping to...
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