1. Freedom 49

    Adorable Black Kittens

    Hi, We feed the cats, we spey the cats and sometimes we are lucky enough to find homes for some of the babies. Is there anyone out there that can give a permanent home to 1 (or 2) absolutely adorable little black brothers? They'll be 6 weeks old next week, the sister already has a new owner...
  2. J

    Adorable Puppy Desperately Needs New Home

    I am fostering a most adorable puppy at the moment, whilst his vaccine takes effect. However, I am unfortunately not able to take him full time. He is absolutely gorgeous, and learning fast re house training etc. He needs a lot of exercise...and a lot of love and attention. I dont know how...
  3. L

    4 Adorable kittens need new home

    These little fella's still need a new home. Could anyone help? They are all boys and are now 9 weeks old, litter trained and would make excellent house cats. They have never "lived rough" although Mum is a street cat, they were born on my balcony. If you can help please pm me. I can take...
  4. S

    Adorable dog needs home

    Very friendly 8-10 month old spayed female dog and needs someone to love her. Has been pampered and loved throughout summer by holiday makers, but now the season is ending she fınding herself alone again. She is very affectionate to all, including children, and would make great pet. Thought...
  5. E


    Check out the video of the baby elephant in Izmir Zoo having a bath:)) It's in today's HDN.
  6. A

    Adorable Dog needs home!

    Hi We have decided not take our dog with us back to the Uk and we are looking for someone special to love and take care of our dog Jossy. Jossy is an Anatlolian Sheepdog ans is 2 and half years old and is fully up to date with all her jags and is a very well trained dog. She is a good guard dog...
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