1. S

    Cat adoption to uk

    Can anyone give me contact details for possible cat adoption to uk. Thanks.
  2. R

    3 Kittens and mummy cat require adoption

    Mummy cat has just had 3 beautiful kittens, 1 black , 1 mottled, 1 tabby. Mummy is a stray cat and needs tlc, the 3 kittens are now 6 weeks old and ready to leave the nest. They are all house trained and used to human contact but need lots of tlc. We will have the mummy spayed and all injections...
  3. D

    Adoption of a Turkish child and getting a UK paasport

    İt seems imminent that my 'step' daughter will soon be legally mine by adoption...sorry for the weird wording!! İ am wondering the position of now getting her a British passport. we live in Turkey but i have home and life in Britain. İ am not an expat! Anyone got any relevant info?
  4. J

    Adoption of puppy

    Hi there Just wanted to say we took on a puppy last weekend that had been dumped on the main road next to where we live. He wandered up to our house and we got home to find him sitting behind the gate with our two dogs. He's a happy little chap and after much debate we decided to give him a...
  5. Jaycey

    Killer whale for adoption

    You know you’ve always wanted one … Cheap to feed, friendly, obedient and good with children.
  6. shazeroo

    Naughty to Sweden

    Hi, having left Turkey in 2011 it's been some time since I posted, but I often drop in to check what's going on. The members of this forum have come through so many times with various issues, that I thought I would see if anyone can help me now. I have kept in close touch with the council...
  7. J

    Izmir adoption shelter

    Hi recently moved to Izmir and would love a dog. Have been and looked around some pet shops in Izmir but was wondering if there was a local shelter maybe that I could visit. Find a nice home for a dog that has been there for too long! Thanks!
  8. J

    Adoption Facebook sites

    Hello all, I've seen this forum and thought of two sites I've seen in Facebook one of them is the other one is Animal Help Varna (also in facebook) The pages are Bulgarian but a lot of foreigners adopted animal from them (including me - I got a cat from Animal...
  9. A

    Dog up adoption

    Hi everyone i am fostering a dog for the Turkish Animal Group (TAG). He is 2yrs old and has a very calm nature,he gets on with other dogs and loves children. He has had all his jabs and has been microchiped,he is a border collie very handsome boy.If you want any more info or picture please...
  10. R

    Puppies for adoption

    Atlantis Vets in Bodrum have 3 abandoned puppies needing good homes, they have been dumped there and are being looked after for the time being. If anyone can help please call in and talk to them (the vets, not the puppies). :clap:
  11. pineapple1

    Aug Dog Adoption Month !

    August is National Dog Adoption month , So if you want a little fido or fifi now is the time to take a look around . Of course this is English but theres plenty of loving dogs in Turkey , I wish they could have the same chance .....Diane If this email is not displaying correctly or you...
  12. L

    Two Gorgeous Kittens Need a Loving Home

    Hello! We have two adorable 5 month old kittens in need of a happy new home. We adopted them as very tiny kittens and they have grown up with us. Unfortunately, we are moving to France for work reasons and sadly can’t take them with us. They are both spayed and de-wormed. They are very tame...
  13. G

    Puppy for adoption

    Hello all, I'm planning on going back to the UK soon and unfortunatley cannot afford to take my dog with me. His name is Gypsey he is a beautiful, loveable, spoilt, human like little doggy who is as good as gold. I am desperate that he goes to a loving family who will treat him with the same...
  14. SuperBogs

    Dog Adoption Commercial...Funny

    Hyperactive Dogs Ruin Adoption on Yahoo! Video Biker Bob
  15. I

    Adoption offer for Turkish Child

    We have for the past 12 months been trying to adopt a turkish child in need.We can pass all the checks needed to adopt but the official turkish system only manages to place about 300 children per year. We are following the private adoption route where we find a child in need and arrange with the...
  16. KKOB

    Pet Adoption Scam

    INTERNET PET ADOPTION SCAM Over the past six months there have been an increasing number of "scam" offers to adopt a pet. In almost every case the person offering the pet is in one of the African Countries. Nigeria is often mentioned. The offer takes several forms but generally offers you a...
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