1. Sha Hoorsur


    Can admins do a better job of monitoring who is allowed in here please?! We have a new member, an elderly woman. She's been privately messaging people, sending them naked pictures of herself in nasty poses along with close ups of her unmentionables. She is offering an iphone 8+ in exchange for...
  2. newhorizon

    Airlines increase prices...the knock on effects after one goes in admin.

    Yesterday and day before was looking at fares on Thomas cook flight but since the news of Goldtrail going under they have increased each fare by at least £30 each way today. When one company goes under the under the others try to make the most of it and the demand and cash in while they can...
  3. yalimart

    goldtrail goes into administration

    they were selling flights from manchester last week for £49 sad really martin
  4. Debby


    Hi I havent been on a wee while, who do I contact on this site for advertising ? is it still Mustaq ? Thanks !! Debby xx
  5. W

    Admin charges?

    :help: Hi, has anyone here had a similar experience? We have used an outfit called Kazmaz as the lawyers for the conveyance of our property(ies) We did not have a great deal of choice in the matter (although in retrospect and armed with a lot of hindsight we did) as they were brought into the...
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