1. Steve Bostanli

    Freed Turkish journalist addresses the European Parliament

    Freed journalist Ahmet Şık addressed the Liberal Democrat group of the European Parliament, with a excellent address to the group of lawmakers. Hopefully he will not be put back in jail on his return for speaking the truth. POLITICS - Freed Turkish journalist at European Parliament
  2. A

    addresses and hours for veterinarians

    Looking for veterinary options in Didim area. Or perhaps I just need a tutorial on looking these things up, because google and my dictionary are not helping.
  3. T

    Google/Youtube blocking turkish IP addresses?

    Since a few weeks back i can no longer reach and some functions on a few Google sites (search works though). I am using OpenDNS so i know for sure that it is not the turkish blocking that is in effect and when using a VPN that gives you a different IP (not turkish) it also works. Has...
  4. peter the postie

    Msn addresses

    Wasn't sure where to put this or if it's been covered before, but how about any willing (and bored lol) peeps leave their msn messenger addresses here. I love yacking about turkey and wouldn't mind being in touch with others when at the pc or lappie. pc address lappie...
  5. merlin

    For the first time, Turkey addresses Kurdish grievances....

    The Turkish government acknowledged Friday that it has mishandled its relations with the nation's minority Kurds and said their long-running grievances need to be addressed through greater democracy, not repression. The admission by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, believed to be the first...
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