1. Camden

    Importance of additional Insurance

    This is an example of why it's important to think when going on holiday, make sure that any activity you intend to do, or check if you decide impulsively to do an activity, that it is covered by your Holiday insurance and isn't classed as an extreme sport needing additional cover. If it's not...
  2. bickern

    Turkey to put additional import tax on electronic goods

    I fail to see how this is a good thing. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci has said the country will put additional import taxes on electronic goods in the upcoming days. “We’ll take special measures in additional customs...
  3. chelsea boy

    additional plug in problem

    I am using chrome and I now get an annoying drop down requiring me to download a plug even keeps going when I click the install button.... it's blooming annoying and occurs on every blooming site!!!!!!!!!! any suggestions that aren't biologically harmful appreciated!
  4. Ian2006

    Additional Insurance for Scooter etc

    I am going to buy a scooter (100cc) so that is stays under the road tax limit and I know it comes with mandatory third party insurance but can anyone tell me: 1. How much roughly would it be to have an additional policy through my broker that I have in Turkey to do my house insurance and what...
  5. S

    Additional cost to get residents permit

    What are the additional costs to obtain a residents permit & are these costs paid each time you renew it.What is the process to obtain a permit.How soon before 90 day visa expires should you apply.
  6. B

    Additional Earthquake Cover.

    Is it wise to get additional Earthquake Insurance with your Building and Contents policy? And if so, how much roughly should this cost? I'm not sure that the Turkish Goverment's Dask is enough. What do you all think? Mel and Anne. (beachhhhhhh)
  7. G

    Sundays Grand Prix could raise $3bn in additional revenues

    Turkey gears up to reap financial rewards of a grand prix Daren Butler Reuters ISTANBUL — Turkey hosts its first Formula One grand prix this weekend and believes the event will generate serious money further down the road. Sunday’s race at the $70m Istanbul Speedpark could eventually...
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